Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wish I could post but...

I was killed yesterday by a roadside bomb, a splinter entered my brain and they got me in the hospital just in time so I could say my last words, they were :

'Don' the local....

and then I died. I was finally relieved of living a montonic, pentatonic, whatever-tonic life of going to college, pretending that I don't care, I will never again care whether they will avenge my Sunni casuality by calling more Shiite men at the neighborhood, or something. I will no longer play guitar in my bed room and dreaming I could sleep with someone I am not going to tell you about.
I am relieved.

The Angels aren't as I expected them to be, they are dressed in white all right, and radiant as if they both swallowed Uranium by the handful, but there was something wicked, I couldn't instantly place my hand on it, and then it came immediately like a bolt of light, considering that our vision of the afterlife is largely connected to the Prophet's 7th Century sayings, it was expected that one of the angels wouild be showing up wearing Na3aal abu-al-Esba3, the other, however, was wearing Rebokee trainers.

Rebokee was munching something and kept to the back, Na3aal said :
Sunni or Shiite?