Sunday, September 30, 2007

Been There, Done That.

This person was in my college, he was my age in the IT department, me and my friends weren't very fond of this guy ; he didn't anything to us personally but he belonged to the slick and stiff category and he had enormous height and an array of suits, which certainly helped him to the purpose, he would often adopt a supposedly formal face that we liked to term 'Makil Qanadir (Shoe-eater)', in fact, a normal mini-game in our mornings was to approximate his official frown size to the virtual size and/or accessories of a shoe that he supposedly ate before coming to college. Those varied from Shoelace Noddle Soup, to the downright butch size 46 basateel.

This person was found killed alongside two of his friends in a car on the Qanat bridge, which is near Sadr City, they were back from college after receiving their exam scores. one of them was sunni and the other two were shia, the person himself worked in the interior ministry so he was probably shia. nobody knew why they were killed, and i don't think anybody puzzled much ; it's simply too common. one of the boys however was rumored to be connected to the Mahdi, which makes it even more puzzling since they were killed near the Mahdi stronghold. his best friend, who recently became a close friend of mine due for geographic reasons, called me and told me the news, sobbing. I didn't feel anything.

As a matter of fact, I did feel something for a brief second, it was - this guy will no more try to find jobs, get married, have children, be happy, be sad, travel, swim, play pool, have diarrhea. He turned in for the day.

He's so lucky.

I'm sorry Haitham, for all the qanadir we made you eat in those past years. i hope you forgive us and may you live happily ever after.

oh and by the way, blackwater, fuck you. do you think we will tolerate this anymore?

happy ramadhan.