Monday, July 03, 2006

Kid escapes Death

It was probably June 14, two days after my four friends were killed. We decided to hold a funeral for them in the college, I remember being a cold sense of detachment from the world and everything in it...I quickly dressed in ALL OUT BLACK. Black shirt, black pants.
Looking at myself in the mirror, I realized the danger in my uniform, so I opened the buttons of the shirt, reavealing an olive vest underneath! cool, now not only I am in the Mahdir's Army, but also a member of the army.

I whatthefucked and hurled ass out, after all, I was just going to go up the street and rent a taxi...
I told you earlier, I was so detached, however, as soon as I walked to the tip of the street, I changed my mind, and decided to return home.

Tough luck. Three dudes about my age in small motorbikes (lovingly called Bestas in iraq) came lazily behind me, passed me a little bit, then barricaded me.

The guy who was directly at my center was dark of tan and ugly of teeth, he was obviously the leader, his teeth stuck out, Ronaldinho-style. He calmly said :
I replied, calmly too : 'Aalkumsallum'
'What are you doing here?'
'I am returning home.'
'Where is your home?'
'Near the mosque'
'What mosque?'
The mosque was small and had two name changes, I took a wild bet and after a moment of hesitation I spoke the latter.
He paused for a moment, and then:
''Hop on, let me drive you home'
I was a little panicked now.
'Wait a minute, this is my area, right here is house of Mr. A'
He didn't answer
'I am going to a funeral ; I was just going to pick up a taxi'
It was certain they all carried guns underneath their casual clothes. It is also of no coincidence that they chose to do this here, the place was adjacent to an abadonened farm, where bodies are regularly found, our street witnessed about 10 deaths in the very same area. Even if he bought I was of the area, he could kill me if he thought I was a Shi'ite.
'Show me your wallet'
I showed him, my attitude was a smily nice dude.
'Here's my wallet, and ID'
My first name is neutral, but my second is somewhat more of a Sunni name, although Shiites do name it every now and then. It was not proof enough in my opinion.
The only ID i regularly carry is not my Civil ID, it is my college ID.
The second guy asked, he was more of a wiseguy:
'What's this ID?'
'It's my college ID, university of [Cornyname]'
'[CORNYNAME]', he was enjoying this. but the first guy nodded in approval with me
he looked through the wallet, took out the money, looked in the sidepocket where I keep my keys, asked of my other pocket, I showed him my mobile.

'Okay, you're free to go' He returned the wallet, and the money. My impression of him was somewhat positive.
They could still shoot me when I turn my back, but there was a certain change of pace that I recognized that they really are going to let me go.
Ronaldino said, as an aftertaste: 'You're wearing black...'
I quickly said, arms out 'You really think I am THAT stupid if I was of them sonovabicthes?'
'At least you could look more neat'
This was true, my shirt was open and my hair was unshaved, I could pass a decent slipper-torn Madhi's servant anywhere. In a sense, they had a right to stop me, precautions matter, I could only be thankful that the dudes who stopped me had some time to think it over.
'Well, the guys were killed yesterday and I am pissed'
'How?' The wiseguy asked, the third guy was just compars.
'Karrada explosion'
'That's terrorists work' but the side-cracking smile on his face strongly added another dimension to his sentence.
'Okay, bye'.

On thinking it over, I think subconsciously that day, I wanted to die. I was so filled with meaninglessness that day I just wanted it all to end, I couldn't imagine that a living person I talked to just the other day could just vanish....


I returned home, and some of the ominous dirge of the past 10 minutes caught up with me, I murmured in quick prayers, but in an hour or two I managed to forget about it.

I changed.

I arrived in college, attended the symbolic funeral and was about to return home when a few friends took me aside and told me not to wear that shirt I am wearing right now again.

'What for?'
'Are you crazy? How could you dare to wear a blue shirt, that's the sign of the FPS police, they could kill you second.'

Shit? You bet your fucking ass!

They didn't understand why I was laughing, you can't dress black, can't dress blue, can't even dress the collegeboy's white after the recent killings....well, that's Iraq for you.

I apologize, I haven't told you about my friends' murder, I have no energy to discuss it again! even if I wanted to, I wrote it twice, and one of them was for the NYT, so I can't publish it.

Maybe I could work it out sometime, but not now.


Melantrys said...

Well, I read both and talked to Caesar and AnaRki.

Wish you'd talk to me.


Try not to wear too obvious suicidal clothing, ok?

*hugs some more*

NuMbInSiDe said...

Wow, that sounds so awful. First of all, I'm really sorry about your friends. I know what you're going through; I just lost one too. Isn't there any way that you can get out of Iraq? I wish i could say something to help . . .

cile said...

black 'n blue works just fine with me. keep coloring! (! , i said)

Jon in MD said...

Hey Kid,

Take good care of yourself, okay? I'd say mix and match, a little black, a little blue, a little red, yellow, green, pink, and purple. But just a little of the brighter colors. You don't wanna look like some tropical bird, or suggest a rainbow flag (signifies gay in the West). Oh, and not too much white. Might make you look like a baker who spilled some flour on himself. (What's with the nonsense of killing bakers, for heaven's sake? Or falafel sellers? Are there that many homicidal loonies mixed among the ultrareligious?)

Jon in MD said...

Whoops! Scratch that fashion advice, or at least modify. I just revisited Salam Pax's last posting from a month ago and he provided a list of dangerous clothing, etc. Shorts, of course, even if they're white, I suppose. And blue jeans if they're too tight or too "fashionably distressed." And "colorful shirts," whatever the hell that means. Maybe a subdued plaid, or a shirt with the colors of the Iraqi flag. Or would someone take offense at just one of those colors despite the presence of the others? Oh hell, Kid, ignore me. I don't have any fashion sense anyway, and you're just going to have to play it by ear, I mean eye.

attawie said...

I'm so sorry about your friends.
Thanks God you are still alive.
Amman awaits for you.
take care

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Hi Kid,

I already expressed my sympathy for your loss in the last comments section, but I will repeat it here as well.

Call me crazy, but I don't believe death is the end. I think you will "see" your friends again.

Take care.

P.S. Have you thought about a nice rhinestone belt or silk scarf with your black outfit(aka Elvis)? I doubt very much that the Mahdi Army wears rhinestones or silk. :)

Lynnette in Minnesota said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Don Cox said...

"Are there that many homicidal loonies mixed among the ultrareligious?"____Isn't it obvious that most of them are homicidal maniacs? Iraq, and much of the Middle East, is going through a severe psychotic episode, as Germany did in the 1930s.

Anonymous said...

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Matt said...

Hey, I just found your blog via ITM. I'm sorry to hear your friends died. I'm glad you made it out of that situation in one piece. People like the guys you described on the motorbikes piss me off to no end. Anyway, stay safe, I'll be checking back.

Realize the potential of Youth said...

are you done with your blog in NYT?

Konfused Kid said...

yea i am done, I wanted to post about that before I wrote about this encounter but I couldn't exactly find what I am writing about...

Realize the potential of Youth said...

Please keep writing. It would really suck if something happened to you.
I really thing you should apply to schools here in US. I work for an NGO, called Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children. We advocate for policy change for refugees and IDP women and children/youth.
You have so much to say and you are SO smart. I think you can really change things from here.
Hey-if nothing works, we will throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at the politicians.
I am from Afghanistan and I am so proud of you for doing all this, really! (from an older Muslim sister, who prays for your and all innocent Iraqis safety.)

waldschrat said...

Go to this URL and help save Iraqi lives:

Heros Wanted!

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Controversial Colin said...

The Americans have never won a war on their own. NEVER!

They will not win in Iraq.

They are now dealing with the fallout of putting a monkey in power (again).


Anonymous said...

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twistedsister18 said...

"dark of tan and ugly of teeth" haha I love the way you write. peace.

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