Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Osama Bin Laden Influenced Architecture

Six months ago, I entered a music shop asking for an oud, the nice old owner with a not-so-nice mouth hygiene asked:
"What kind of oud?"
"The cheapest."
He pointed at some wretched instrument hung above his head in an array of other ouds, it wasn't that bad actually, but the ones next to it rendered it in an abysmal light.
"So how much is this?"
"oh, about 100 dollars"
"and this is made where?"
I was surprised. "What about the Iraqi ones?"
"Oh, those are really expensive."
That was one of the best things I heard this year and probably the few ones to come. as an Iraqi born in 1985, it's common sense that engaging the word 'Iraqi' in any sort of product = usually rear-end results. That Iraqis are actually world-class at something gave me a sense of power and fulfillment I seldom felt, for a brief second I wondered what Americans must feel like having their brands plastered all over the world.
Aside from Oud crafstmanship, world-famous Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid is also one of the very few things in any number of parallel universes that could make me honestly beam in pride. and she ain't the regular by-the-numbers architect either, she is possessed with one nasty Djinni. Her ideas are zany and impossible, and make you feel futuristic albeit soulful.
Looking at this upcoming project of hers in Dubai, I was fascinated for a few moments by the sheer boldness of this concept before bursting out laughing. She's calling them "Dancing Towers" - as if they were influenced by some Pixar kiddie musical number! yeah, right. For Ali's sake, it even has room for your occasional hijacked plane to pass through - Try and blow this up, Ossy! This idea wouldn't have existed had it not been for the inspiration of that crazy man in Taliban, they should write his name on a plaque nearby. Maybe he'd attend the ceremony and use it to test drive any future engagements that might involve airplanes.

NOTE: This is a real project. Walla.


Anonymous said...

Kid you used to get on my fucking nerves but for the past few months you have been kicking ass with your posts. Keep it up.

Matthew said...

My brother, the architect, loves your idea, great post!!

Anonymous said...

i had never heard of this architect. Zaha Hadid. have you checked out her site? each link leads to even more fantasic images. when you click on them some of the results are shocking!

here is what she says about this chandelier

From my first days in architecture at the Architectural Association, I have always been interested in the concept of fragmentation. For me the idea of fragmentation has also to do with the idea of dynamism, of a cosmic explosion of some kind. For this piece, each Swarovski crystal can be considered as an individual element that interrelates with, and responds to, every other crystal. Locked in a spiraling vortex, the crystals direction is determined by the forces of an explosion. As with our architecture, contextual embedding is always considered. The chandelier relates to – and interacts with - each new environment in a unique manner; constantly reinventing itself and offering exciting new possibilities with each installation.

she must be a genius. blows the concept of 'innovation' right out of the water into the biosphere.


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Abbas Hawazin said...

thank you!

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