Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Eiffel 65 Song ....Drunken Ramble...

I never drank alcohol, it's against my religion.
but i guess this must be what it feels like...

Uhhhh....where to start...burrrp...

SONG : EAGLES - Life In The Fast Line
This is really driving me crazy, we all know the eagles for the one song i wouldn't bother to name 'Warm smells of colitas'....but lately this one can't get out of my head, it's a bluesy hard rock and roll tune of the kind i'm supposed to hate but i think my musical philosophies's going thru changes recently, this is probably due to Aerosmith....Don Henley's vocal is right-on, especially the call-and-response 'Uhhh' on the chorus, as for the lead work at the end....wham....the other Eagles song i play these days is the R&B 'I CAn't Tell You Why'...

i can't seem to remember when i wrote last here but it seems like a long time, well, i wouldn't want to let my fans (all two of them) disappointed so i guess i'll have to apologize in some way :

phone line broke down again, i am currently posting from a net cafe...actually i couldn't post all last week because i wasn't home for most of it.

oh, well.

it just seems to me that my Zodiac Star sign bullshit or whatever has encountered a solid Cosmic Belt of The Constellation Disappointementa, the kind that cringes, one by the other they hit me and i just keep taking em cold-hearted, you know the kind, the sort that leaves u disconneceted and numb from the rest of the world, as if that was not my way of life already - i am now looking through the universe in blue.


this blog was supposed to be a general rant to help me forget the frantic pressure of living in this place and now i can see that no matter what u do u cannot ignore the is a fact and we cannot ignore it....even some of my good pals have already caved....when i first started this i thought i'd change the world with my anti-politics stance but few people have paid notice.

can't say that i care much currently....

i am not going to bother u with my negligible comments on the political situation these days, there are already a dozen of excellent politiblogs, u want that, go read them....Al Aimma bridge was probably one of the worst things that ever happened so far, Sunni? Shiite? some people say kids did it for fun...
we were bypassing Babil's hotel yesterday when i saw a black rag on the wall, these black rags in iraq are known for proclaming the death of a certain fella and where his funeral (fat'ha in arabic, in coincidence with the first sura of El Koran, the relation is that this chapter (sura) is the one read usually in funerals) ; funny thing, in Amman they use a small white A4 paper printed in Word, but i kinda like the rags more....anyway, this particular one wasn't a death notice, it said more or less this :

'The shoes of the martyrs of Al Aimma bridge is a CROWN on the head of Amro Mosa and his associates'

wtf? i asked around but nobody knew what this is was kinda funny...

قنادر شهداء جسر الامة


my contribution to the subject...

watched the stuff happening in New Orleans, it was weird seeing the Hawasim saga of looting and hooting in the US , it serves to remind us that after all we're all made of the same dust and bones under the hood...

my own personal all started a day after Al Aimma stuff, i have this late-night ritual of falling asleep in front of TV, only lately the 'falling asleep' bit has changed to 'catching rats', i couldn't sleep till 6 so i decided to go wash up and go to college instead, some stuff broke out about exams and i thought i'd just check em and go back to my beautiful bed by 10, only as usual i hung out with my buddies and it was nothing but 2 when i finally took a Kia (sort of a transit system) home...guys called me and said they'd like to come over, i thought what the hell but not too long cuz i wanna get some sleep....they came over and it was all fun & games till 5...when they said they'd like to go to this Fat'ha of a guy in our college (his pop was popped two days ago, his mom died from an explosion a month ago and his uncle was shot six months ago as well - poor sod) i didn't know the guy well but it was a horrible tragedy and i felt obliged to be present...i asked my pal : 'how long is this going to take?'
'oh, an hour, no more'....
it was 5PM, i haven't slept for 25 hours now - i last woke up 4 PM yesterday!!!
i said what the turns out that our friend here has to take his mom & sis and then pickup his grandma and then deliver them all someplace before doing the actual thing, and amids traffic jams and picking up two more buddies we reached the place by 8 PM and stayed the last 10 minutes of the ordeal, i almost kissed the guy by mistake....
when we got back to the car i hadn't slept for like 28 hours and was starting to get the screeming mimis in my head when all of a sudden my friend's mom calls and say some stuff broke in our region and armed guys fill the streets, so we were shut off - AHHH GREAT! i called grandma who give me a violent reproach for even thinking of staying over at a friend's house like my friends would do (and did) - she's afraid we're gonna smoke and hire a hooker or something and ordered me to get my ass to my uncle's place...
when they told me we reached uncle's place it was 9 (29 hours) and just when i thougght i'd get some corner where i could be all by my lonesome i found my uncle's wife and cousin in the front yard, there was no electricity and they had locked themselves out....keys and phone with my uncle and he's nowhere to be found...we have to find him...she told me

Well smack my ass and call me Sa3di!

for a second i felt a little voice inside me that insisted to come up to my mouthpiece and tell that fat ridiculous woman to shut the hell up and stop being such a bitch and go cook us some dinner, it was a small selfish voice of somebody who felt the whole world was against him, but it was there, when i opened my mouth what came out instead was :
'No problem, we'll call him from my friend's house'

AAARGH....i felt like i'm in a comedy film where i am the guy who's getting picked on by some sort of cosmic would feel funny tomorrow i told myself...called uncle and turns out he's straneded on a highway, car won't start at 10 PM and my uncle has a history of heart-attacks, SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT.....where could u get a crane sometimes this late???
it was not until 10 when my uncle came after the car miraculously worked again (bad street-sold gasoline) and munched on a few meatballs and said goodnight to my relatives in a calm, collected way that diagonally opposed the bottled-up suffering inside....
30 hours of no sleep, a man could die if he didn't sleep for 72 hours, i woke up at 4 AM
....looking for rats....anyhow, i couldn't go back home again and the next two days were spent trying to sleep in the noon and mooning dracula in the nightime, i got back home three days later...

i got my midterm grades too, 17/30, unpromising...i have to work hard for my next Tuesday exam...

and last but not least my guitar teacher SAAD ZAI finally did it and fucked me real good, i felt gutted to the bone, the one thing i felt proud about that i could actually do some good at has been taken away from me, mainly playing guitar...he has been scolding me for the past 4 lectures but frankly i've never paid attention cuz they were mostly stupid 1-2-3-4 stuff.. i've been playin for 2 months on my own before i took him and has learned to play some stuff, mainly 20 chords and some songs Nirvana's The Man Who Sold The World - i recorded a version with vocals & drums & bass & a pseduo-electric guitar (acoustic with wah-wah effect) on Cakewalk, as well as Behind Blue Eyes, Karma Police and Hotel California...turns out my sitting position is wrong...i usually ignored him because he's this academic dictator, i saw hundreds of guitar players and they didn't all conform to this unique hand or body disappointemnt came when i went yesterday to a friend's house and he told me the exact same things....shit...shit...shit....i have to relearn all eh old crap....


girls? i have a new fantasy these days about a girl in our college, she is a muhajaba (wears headdress) and has been making eyecontact with me forever, when i lashed back at her with stares she withdrew and is now avoiding me whenever she sees me with a scared look but i see her looking at me when she thinks i'm not paying attention....nice eyes, but mostly leadership mother hen qualities and the biggest ass i've ever seen are her ass-ets, this may be just me, but all my major crushes are on girls who wear headresses, i am a pervert - the thought of having sex with a veiled girl is somehow, weirdly appealing....

i still talk with my online-met acquaintance girl from time to time

and no words from my ex-girlfriend for a 10 days, ta-da! a world record! we usually re-hooked every three days after every subsequent fight (the batting average for her was probably 14 fights a month, the other 14 being truces and my attempts to fix)...

i am drunk with words, and have no place to go with this ramble, it's a bad post but that's how it's meant to be....i'll write more when i have purpose....



Hope said...

What you are posting is just great. It is so genuine, it goes straight to the heart.
Don't disappear, stay there...

aNarki-13 said...

Zai used to do that stuff with me too.. my fretboard grip is not what he likes it to be, still is tho..

u know, u should hold it with ur palm AWAY from the board, supported by ur thumb, not the vice-like grip i use (like to use my thumb to hold strings stimes).. but i compensated for it by training harder and since i could play the stuff he threw at me he was ok with it! hehe!

chill out, u'll do just fine..

Treasure of Baghdad said...

hey the_kid himself, I was so thirsty to see the website of our school. That made so happy. I really thank you for that and I am honred to have u as a friend. Nice post, specially the "crown" thing!! heehee

Bill said...

check out T-Bone Walker's grip


and Here

there are 2 paths to become a successful musician..1 be born with talent..2 practice.

What worked for me was to set aside a certian amout of time for practice EVERY day.
For me it was 2 hr. for 1 1/2 hr i practice only rudiments (for u this would be scales)
and the last half hr i just go wild and solo and have fun ;-)

if u practice only a C scale everyday for 1 7 days u will notice the difference.
ur mind can learn what it wants to do quickly..the hard part is training ur body to do what the mind tells it.

take care

olivebranch said...

Nice blog kid, you write what you want to say, and thats what we like to hear.

I came here from 13's blog- Glad to see more iraqi's blogging again :)

keep the good work up, just read 13's blog from beginning to end, yours is on my list too now :) (before it becomes to big to read from beg-end)

Daniel Kwiat said...

Dude, this blog is awesome and un-stereotypical. How do you write such excellent English? Man, keep writing.

Melantrys said...

random comment on parts of post:

"The Man Who Sold the World" is originally by David Bowie and was only covered by Nirvana. Nice cover, but the original is still better.

Hmmm, dunno, sleep deprivation does make you delirious, but from my own experience in a more dry, detached kind of way than drinking. Yes, as opposed to you I am allowed to drink as I am a Christian. Well, no. Heathen actually. But that makes no difference as to the alcohol thing.... ;)

Anonymous said...

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