Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sweet Childhood Reminscing (too lazy to spell)...

I just found this site and i'm almost in tears....
this, my friends, is the penultimate anime in Iraq, it is THE definitive cartoon for any iraqi kid (and strictly male, at that) of our generation, the sort of classic u'd sigh in relief upon seeing as the younger, less-understanding generation scoffs and laughs at u....this is a cultural stamp thing for crap's sake! a friend of mine has the entire 74-episodes on his HDD and he won't give me but five....damn him, i don't wanna seem like a kid but i never got to see the last twenty or so....i am filled with a ridiculous happiness right now, DOOOKFLEED....say what u say but hey that's me...i am a kid inside (hence the blog name)

i learned to play the main theme on my acoustic just now, amazingly it is played one the age-old arabic scale known as Hijaaz!!!!
my final is two days due, btw
Just go here
this is a good informative site, also check out


Morbid Smile said...

Hello friend, I liked your post alot. Well, it seems that everyone is longing for old school days and childhood's memories these days! I loved that cartoon very much, and in fact "Daiski" was my dreams' Knight when I was a little girl :)

Thanks for the link, and for visiting my blog.

Good luck

Treasure of Baghdad said...

Oh my Gosh!! This photo flashed back to my mind and i went back 17 years. it was my favorite. i remember once a friend of mine drew Dokfleed for me and i was so happy and proud to show what he drew to all of my firends! Thanks alot for reminding us with these days.

aNarki-13 said...

search the net for


and u'll find everything u need even a hint about a cancelled


btw: Goldrake or Goldorak is the FRENCH NAME for this ULTRAMECHA, use the original name



aNarki-13 said...

oh and try

Conan, boy of the future

for some more nostalgic cringes!

Konfused Kid said...

Hey man thanks for the tip i found the greatest grendzier site it's

but couldn't find anything about a sequel, where is precisely that
u know a bought a guitar mag today for's all about Wylde and Ray Vaughn (Sep 2003 issue of Guitar One)....remembered ya then...
and it's okay about the metal shirt....i oked the deal today

aNarki-13 said...

tx.. want to read that mag pls pls or trade it (got coupla issues for GuitarOne and some more assorted mags) if possible!

read it is much better, hell, if u want i'll give u mine free!

oh and this site is run by a kewl kuwaiti dizer nut, which HAD some pics and illustrations of grendizer2, but i think he removed them.. this IS indeed the best site about this ultimate mecha..

oh and if ur interested, search for

"Captain Future" and "Doraemon" for some more cringes! (although i think u were born too late to enjoy those two!)

aNarki-13 said...

oh and i know this is a saudi site, i found a kuwaiti one hosted on angelfire, THAT one had the gren2 stuff..

oh and btw: the arabic main theme is the original japanese maintheme with an arabic voiceover.. and hijazi is a certified guitar scale although i dont know whats its name in english.. think along the lines of some of steve vai or satriani's more occidental and/or oriental work.. hmm.

Anonymous said...

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