Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Even when he's dead...he kills people


From DNAINDIA: MULTAN (Pakistan): A young boy who tried to imitate hanging scenes from the execution video of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein died in central Pakistan, police said on Monday.

Mubashar Ali, 9, hanged himself, while re-enacting Hussein's hanging with the help of elder sister, 10, after tying a rope to a ceiling fan and his neck in his home in Rahim Yar Khan district on Sunday, a local police official said.

The father of the deceased boy said that his children had been watching the video of Saddam Hussein's execution on television and attempted to imitate the hanging as other family members thought they were playing in another room.

"My wife and sister rushed to rescue Mubashar when children cried for help from the adjoining room, but he died due to hanging," Alamgir Paracha, father of Mubashar, said.

Police said the death was accidental and a case of parental negligence.

"It was an accident which happened due to carelessness of parents," district police chief Sultan Ahmad said.

Images of the fallen Iraqi dictator with a noose around his neck, surrounded by executioners in balaclavas, were repeatedly telecast by Pakistani television channels at the weekend.

Commentators and the media across Europe had expressed shock and unease Sunday at graphic television pictures showing the last moments of Hussein before his execution.

The stupidity of the governmnet has now turned Saddam into an underdog symbol of heroism, and when our country ceases to exist and the amoeba grows into nearby countries, expect the Guevara-style rebel t-shirts to sell. Although Majed came up with the idea, i call patenting!

Welcome 2007. May the next Eid brings the executions of the rest of the crew:

1. Abdilaziz al-Hakim
2. Muqtada al-Sadr
3. Harith al-Dhari
4. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi DEAD
5. Saddam Hussein DEAD
6. Baqir "Bayan" Jabr Solagh
7. Adnan al-Dulaymi (although i don't think he's worth much - just a fat cow full of farts, he's been put there so that I don't get accused of being sectarain.)
8. Jalal al-Din al-Sagheer


Zeyad said...

You should have added Maliki and Rubai'i to the list.

anon2 said...

Why is dr. Adnan there man? How come Tariq Al-Hashimi is not on the list? Not that I would approve of it .. but what the hell makes you think Dulaimi is part of the problem?

Anonymous said...

"Police said the death was accidental and a case of parental negligence.

"It was an accident which happened due to carelessness of parents," district police chief Sultan Ahmad said." That says it all right there! Great parenting, not! Man, the idea of Ernesto Guevara t-shirts makes my blood boil (Hell, I've seen people wear them). The idea of Saddam style t-shirts model along the same lines, unspeakable.

Melantrys said...

Nah, nah, don't blame the "accident" on Saddam, that's just "normal" parenthood failure.

After one airing of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" a couple of kids re-enacted the famous hanging scene, and one of 'em got killed. Some other child jumped out of a window with a tablecloth for a cape, playing Batman (yes, I know not even Batman can fly....)

Some parents totally fail to make their children realize the thin line between real life and fiction, which in some cases then proves to be a fatal error.

Little Penguin said...

they may have had similar endings to their lives, but I'm pretty sure that Mubashar Ali will get a different reception than the one Saddam got.. the former having killed nothing more than a couple of hungry rats near his modest, one-room flat.. and the latter having committed the most horrific crimes humanity will ever witness..

as for K's dead pool.. well, some of them are really crap.. but I think they better be exposed first, before they are kllled.. Muqtada and Harith al Thari and Mish3an il Juboori (hilarious Ittijah Mu3akis episode to be repeated tonight.. MUST WATCH) will be seen as heroes if they are killed before people know what harm they have brought and continue to bring to Iraq..

Allah Kareem.. Happy New Year K.. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually I think that Saddam's filthy fucking henchmen are next. Eyamkum saeeda!

A&Eiraqi said...

Poor kid, not you Konfused, I'm talking about the Pakistani one, the problem is people are giving that man great importance, they should focus on Iraqis not on Saddam.
It's good that 2 out of eight in the list were killed, let's wait for the end of the others.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

i liked that Adnan thingy

dancewater said...

kid in the USA, another in Pakistan, and one in India - did the same.

dancewater said...

meant to say Saudi Arabia rather than Pakistan

Sookie Jones said...

I live in the U.S. and I havn't even seen the hanging. You have to go looking for it over here. That's so fucked up. Those poor parents lost a kid and then they get blamed for it. If anything, the media is at fault. Though, I guess you guys are alot tougher over there.

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