Friday, May 25, 2007

CCNA and dating in Jordan

I was busy studying for my CCNA finals which I finished this week, I got 987 out of 1000. Naturally, this absence resulted in a lot of ideas for this blog, which might prove somewhat different. Anyway, I am a Cisco Certified Network Associate now, thank you ladies, all I have to do is find a job now. Getting a job in Jordan is highly difficult for Iraqis, as is everything else. On other personal news, I was interviewed for getting a 'G' passport about one week ago, I am supposed to get it next month. I have heard so much about this mythical document, so I wonder what will happen if I got it, maybe things will never be the same again. Also, I never knew I was that striking, two weeks ago, my dentist's Palestinian secretary started flirting with me, I wasn't used to it and she wasn't that cute. I met an Iraqi girl living in Jordan online, and three days later we hung out on a 'date', she was very strange - first she was one year older than me, and second she took me to all those empty places where I could do whatever I felt like if I wanted to, and third her style of dress was very conservative. After the date, she came online and said: 'what do u think if someone like you was 'engaged' to someone like me. Unfortunately she wasn't that cute either and her shameless begging for it made me disrespect her in no small amount, I kept turning her down for three times and she still calls me every once in a while. To top it off, I was waiting at the bus stop the other day for a bus at 7:30 PM in a cloudy cold evening with another man. After 10 minutes the dude, who was dressed neatly and had shaved his head, started pacing to and fro around me, in the end he offered me a cigarette and then said politely in an Iraqi accent: 'Want a job?'
I paused. 'What kind of job, friend?'
He paused. 'Come up to my appartment with me and I will tell you everything in an hour's time.'
Huh? What the hell? 'Why don't u you just tell me here friend.'
'I know what you mean' at this point some white car drove up to him, and he was prepared to get inside it, polite and slender as only non-heterosexual Iraqis can be, he continued 'but you won't understand what I am talking about and why I can't tell you right here until you meet my supervisor.'
I didn't know orgies had supervisors. Hey, I got a CCNA, maybe I can be your orgy's IT manager. 'No thank you', for a moment, a fleeting impulse that craved a break from the daily routine and sought adventure told me to go ride with him and see what happens, but the dude was too big for me and I don't think I could have outsmarted him or outfought him if things turn prissypants - and he might have had other means for which I am no match.
Iraqis also make fun of Jordan as 'Lot's People', as a slander because homosexuality is supposedly persistent around here, and also because maybe I think the anicent city of Lot is there, anyway, it is a little bit depressing and telling that the first gay man I meet in Jordan is a well-fed Iraqi.


Dreamer said...

Congrats on your CCNA, and good luck on finding a job.
Meeting people usually happens when you're not looking for it, and from both sides! aren't you lucky, lol.

twistedsister18 said... you attract all sorts, apprently.
I like your blog, but you're so angry.

A&Eiraqi said...

Hi Kid
I'm glad to see your post again and congratulation for the certificate , hopefully you'll get a job soon.

Why do you disrespect the girl, she likes you and she expressed her emotions, well I'm not saying go and propose or be in love with her ,but I don't think it's wrong to express what you feel.
Anyway, maybe you have your own causes.
I got scared when I read that a guy was intrested in you, becareful.

All the best

Jeffrey said...

Not to mention that the father of all the Iraqi bloggers, Salam Pax, is gay. What do you say when your father is gay?


Anonymous said...

heya konfused kid...well done on your ur fam must be so haps. Hold on to da feelin of passin an exam as long as poss cuz it doesnt last long b4 sommit crappy happens in ur lyf. Lol ur palestinian dentist woz flirtin wid i do hope she dont read ur blog...let me tell u i study dentistry and lets jus say we can inflict a lot of damage on our patients if we want to...esp 2 ppl who openly say we r not 'cute'

iraqi dude said...

It's very common for Iraqi men to 'disrespect' and shun women if they seem to be too open or if they are the first to express their emotions. But they run after women like dogs when they are ignored or treated like shit.

Anonymous said...

So Iraqi men basically behave like western women then?

Konfused Kid said...

Well yeah...I guess so, but I believe I left her mostly has to do of her being an ugly thing with no possibility whatsoever of turning into a beautiful swan anytime soon. I'm sorry pals.

Treasure of Baghdad said...

Hey man! Congrats :) Life is always adventurous. You never know what happens anywhere on earth.

Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

perry1961 said...

Wish you could come to the U.S. kid. How does Jarrar get over here,while you're stuck in Jordan? your story reminded me of this Palestinan guy I worked with once. He was dating a Jewish girl that kept threatening suicide because he wanted to break up. She had tried jumping out of his car while doing 50 or so,and swallowed a bunch of pills another time. Both times with nobody else around. He was scared shitless,because he was Arab,and just knew he'd be blamed for a terrorist incident if she successfully offed herself around him.

onix said...

A guy like you ' a girl like me.
What is it tell me about your looks:)

You are quitte right in turning these woman down when they expect engagement ofcourse. Otoh a flirt is always a compliment. For jobs it's quitte obvious you will have to look outside jordan, probably in the south where the allies are if you don't want to head for USA directly..:p

Anonymous said...

No matter what , Iraqis suck ...

blue line

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

How does Jarrar get over here,while you're stuck in Jordan?

One wonders. My guess is he had connections to help with that process.


Hmmm...I really hate to rain on your parade, but, I would be rather suspicious of anyone who wanted to form an attachment that quickly. Meaning, it might not have been looks that was the selling point.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Oh, almost forgot.

Congratulations. :)

Iraqi Mojo said...

Tehaneenen! May Allah bless you with a good job:)

Anonymous said...

Oh man you are so cool and awesome and good-looking! I wish I was like you :(. Can you teach me?!

Kyubai said...

Congratulation kid on your CCNA certificate and I hope that u’ll be able to find a job in Jordan soon and by the way I’m really impressed 890 point is really something I guess that your hard work didn’t go to a waste.

P.S. can u contact Chaga and rub his face with your certificate since I’ve been trying to motivate him since a while so I hope that he’ll be a bit motivated when he hear about u…:D

M . H . Z said...

I have heard so much about this mythical document, so I wonder what will happen if I got it, maybe things will never be the same again.

polite and slender as only non-heterosexual Iraqis can be

I didn't know orgies had supervisors. Hey, I got a CCNA, maybe I can be your orgy's IT manager

Great lines man they cracked me up :D, It's a great article, congratulations for your cisco cert. man, you'll find a job somewhere coz it really works :D.