Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Metrosexual Imam

Why is The Abrahamic Deity so cruel?
Why does he create people in a body that they do not belong in?
This story is one year old, but it's the first time I see it.

You can see many pictures of this sandshadi who repented his shadi shadiness here.

Is he homo? I don't know much about gay culture, but Iraqis would be quick to label him this, I pick the reserved "metrosexual," anyway, Muslim clerics, like their Christian counterparts, have a somewhat embarrassing history with sodomy. Here's an anecdote that reflects an apologetic justification of Muslim vice:


I was having intercourse with a young Sufi disciple, and whenever I'd stick it or take it out he would say: "I beg Allah's forgiveness," after we copulated, I asked : "Why did you do that?" and he said: (Your putting it in is an ill-deed, your taking it out is an ill-deed, and my remembrance is a good deed, and Allah most high said: Lo! good deeds annul ill-deeds." and so I shall go away without a sin added to my book.)
I asked him: "Who told you this wisdom? who learned it to you?" and he answered: "My Sheikh taught me it."

source : al-Tivashi - Nuzhat Ul-Albaab, p 157.

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