Monday, June 23, 2008

A Photo To Remember

"A house where a picture of any living being is hung shall not be entered by angels." The Muslim God is strongly displeased with pictures of any kind, he actively hates them, the textbook explanation for this aniconic appraoch is that God fears that human beings might worship the picture.
If you enter any traditional Sunni Muslim house, you're likely to find all the pictures either simple calligraphy of holy verses or inanimate objects. Shia Muslims prefer to plaster all the walls with the Indo-Iranian depiction of Ali and/or his Superfamily.

the friendly Wahhabis, in their puritanical approach, carry this practice verbatim without bothering to expain, analyse, or study the matter further. I had a distant family relative who was a very pious Wahabi, and he would refuse to appear in any family picture for Allah's sake! Thus, in that context casual observers might be forgiven to believe that the Muslim God is very, very retro and/or highly skeptical of the ability of human mentality to develop and grow up over time.

But if one could look past the angry Wahhabi with his beard and scream, we might begin to discern the reasons behind this holy censorship.

to Painting, Photography was an asshole waiting to happen, Painting's position as a necessary and practical everyday application was suddenly delegated into a mere art-form for closeted twits to look at, I've never been an art buff and I will never understand what is so amazing about those depressing classics with chicks who are boring even with their tits all over the place, but I do not think it is ever at all possible to corner photography and render it obsolete in a similar fashion. Yes, moving pictures is a wonderful step forward and has provided much entertainment and fascination for the human race, but it still lacks the majesty of static. It is here that we come to understand the Muslim God's reasons for being so Saddam-Hussein on this particular issue. Because pictures are Man's defiance of Godhood, Art is his way to challenge God's creation ; more so than any other scientific breakthrough or development, it is in the sense of creating something that touches the soul with the same spiritual awe that God wants purely to be for Him, that divine touch God wants Muslims to believe only exists in the Quran but you really find it in many a place of Human creations, in a certain musical passage, or a book, or a picture that make you go: "How the hell did any human being ever manage to conceive this brilliance?" My grandfather, the wiseman of the family, and an officer in the army who really wanted to be a painter once said :"Pictures are much more beautiful than reality." and I found this to be true, there often comes a picture taken by a really good camera where everything just seems so fresh and exciting, and you really wonder how did boring unscripted reality manage to hold the seeds for such a beauty. This touch of God, this tingling magnificence you encounter in a frozen, static image of life, is what the Muslim God hates so much. He hates your bedroom posters for the same reason he hated Huball and al-Llatt and al-Uzza. That is why he hates music, pictures, and just about everything that could cultivate those sensations man has been inspired to have, It must be all for him. all of it.

I have recently seen a photo that had freaked me out with its Godly power, but this post is too long already, so i'll talk about it in the next post.
and i'm sorry for not continuing my Syria trip but it wasn't really that exciting and it was a bitch to write, I'll continue it if you want me to though.


Don Cox said...

Very interesting post.

Not only the Sunni fundamentalists have this attitude: the extreme Protestant Christians, especially in the 17C, were the same. They smashed all the images in churches and cathedrals.

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