Thursday, August 07, 2008

Iraqi YouTube: al-Furat's Subtle Attack Ad

It seems that the things EyeRaki talked about regarding the divergence of interests between Iran and Abdilaziz al-Hakim's SIIC, seen by many Iraqis (incl. Sadrists) as nothing more than an Iranian fifth column isn't behind-the-scenes furor anymore, check out this very interesting, subtle attack ad on Iran, aired on al-Hakim's Furat-TV, to my knowledge, nobody, including the Americans and the Sunni-on-its-sleeve media outlets ever did think up such a direct attack ad, even though it's not very obvious, by and large, Iraqi anti-terrorism ads are obvious, so I didn't try to look hard into it, although it tells you to 'see' and asks you rather cryptically 'did you know now?', the references are amazingly nuanced. Which suggest another way of looking at this, these ads are paid for by some other agency, some strangely creative and advanced agency for this region, the intelligence in this video suggest something of the work of the very mysterious Iraq of Tomorrow Group, who also did the Terrorism Has No Religion الارهاب لا دين له campaign, it has to be them, all the other patriotic ads I've seen are really Saddam-era stupid. They might have intentionally made the references obscure so that channels such as al-Furat would broadcast them unknowingly.
Anyway, don't worry about not understanding it, the bad guys at MEMRI have done all the work for you.
One thing is for sure, the complicated relationship between Iran, America and the two major Shi'i parties in Iraq is very hard to describe coherently.


Little Penguin said...

so what's new? politics is dirty and none of those hot-headed mafia men have an ounce of integrity.. they get their paycheck and spend the money to wash your dirty laundry..

maybe Iraqis should get some inspiration for Mauritania.. those guys have guts..

Don Cox said...

Off-topic - I finally read all your translations of Ahmed al-Katib's memoirs. Very interesting stuff. Hoping you can translate some more soon.

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