Saturday, August 06, 2005

On Jarrar....

WARNING : Spontaneous blog ahead, no time to arrange my thoughts as I usually do, so quality may suffer, here's the gist :

song : aerosmith - st john
John, he prayed
for all the people ever made...
John, was cool
he never did no after school

Khalid Jarrar...

He wasn't arrested for having a blog.

He was arrested for having a beard.

Think about it.

He wasn't arrested due to whatever he might have said at his blog (and if they did take him for that, he would've suffered i think a lot more - his profile alone is fishy) at all! It was more or less a random pickup probably instigated by word-of-mouth inside the college, you know, anti-US and beard and religion and all....

He wasn't freed cuz of the blog movement....that wouldn't register shit in the ears of the people who run the place, for a better description of these individuals, refer to Khalid's post on his blog. already linked to everywhere....

He was freed because....uhhh...good hair day?

His post is very informative and also may I say brave, although the fact that nil of the people that could cause trouble would ever read it.

Anyways, cheers!

Which is more plausible? An intelligence agency who closely and painstakingly monitor activities of suspects and politely keep them in neat faded-yellow folders in an elegnat storage cabinet....
or the confused hoosa of randomness that is more reflective of the state of how things are on the whole.

I was once held for interrogation at the Jordanian borders for posession of CDs, they thought it was porn.
The CD, was basically a collection of MP3s and a small video we shot at a room, you should know i'm a director-freak....Me & my cousins shot this video for a fun about a fictional election list's ad called 'Baghdad's Christmas Carol', in which I appear in a full white suit in a room, suffices to say that the ending shot wouldn't be out of place on an Alaa Sa3ad video.

The custom official was i think a year older than moi, he was t-shirt and jeans plus a cig for lookin' cool, but still as fuckin' pompous as ever. He went for 20 mins and came back, all work and no play :

He paused for drama, then:
'What's ur nationality? Are u an arab?'
Me ,playing the dumb blonde more or less : 'Yes', a cute, shit-eating schoolboy grin dangled from cheek to cheek.
I waited for a reasonable explanation for his pattern of thinking, it was :
'The CD is full of english song, there's not a sinlgle arabic song there!'
God! My schoolboy retorted even more stupidly :
'There is, Ghallak'
'And what's with the dancing?'
Huh? I've forgotten about all that
'No No....this isn't what u think...the guy with the breasts and wig is my cousin, he's ....'

It went on for five minutes ....half-an hour later we were through, we reached the borders on 12 PM, it was currently 8 PM.

Bottomline : Interrogrations, especially one handled by 20-year-olds-full-of-themselves are stupid and have no voice of reason whatsoever....expect a foray into a Lewis Carroll book.

Out & About
The Kid


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