Friday, October 21, 2005


' you and me, will all go dow in history
with a sad statue of liberty
and a generation that didn't agree'
- System Of A Down, Mesmerize

p.s. the verse has nothing to do with the subject here, but it's just so cool i had to put it, plus i am overdosing on System Of A Down at the mo.

i didn't read Quran after i returned home from last post, and haven't done so in the past 10-so days.

i regret this.

SONG : System Of A Down - Violent Pornography
Naturally, i treated nu metal and all that was related to it with disgust, it copied the more intellectual rock/metal's noise without the important riffs/melodies or songmanship, and it is basically a watered-down Frankenstein that's weaker than all the parts it was chawed off from, be it white or black music. Aside from Linkin Park (which has more to do with good teenpop than with good rock) i found little use for KoRn, Bizkit or SoaD, the latter was different, original and their eastern Armenian influences sometimes harped on my ambition to incorporate eastern/western music, they ruined their more digestible moments however with cartoonish blasts of thrash metal. All this changes with their latest release, 2005's Mesmerize simply put, mesmerized me....compared with Toxicity, the changes are not apparent, but they are both subtle and hugely effective - for starters, the songwriting has grown considerably, allowing the band's cartoonish foolishness to blend seamlessly with the more oriental exotica in a pattern that was lost in the band's earlier songs - in the past, i would say a SoaD's album has about 10% of good stuff, now it has 10% of okay stuff and 90% of cool. a new classic! they treat it with such intelligent, texture and accessibilty that bewilder the most stalwart of music construction : witness 'Violent Pornorgaphy' first a somber middle-eastern funeral, followed by a parody of a comic break, a SoaD thrash, and finally a triumphant Nickelback chorus, what's amazing is that all these styles, as disparate as they are, connect somewhat strangely. The album smokes and is a genuinely fresh air into a stale, depressing scene. i also listen to Dream Theater's original Images & Words, but while i have nothing against Petrucci & co's indulgent, repetitive songs that still contain a mighty riff/solo at times - they are nowhere as endlessly inventive as this band. can't wait for Hypnotize.

(so i didn't read quran r u happy now, u sicko pervert? - keep on writing about Sex In Iraq btw, people need to know how much of George Constanzas we all are, and kudos for Blackrose's sudden metaphorsis, to quote me : التلفزيون صار ملون)
F.Y.I. : the blog title Sex In Snow, was coined by myself after reading it on a passerby's t-shirt...
the allusion is that In Iraq, Sex is like Snow because it never happens unless by mistake...

a friend told me that i write better than Anarki13, this is so honorable it almost makes me kneel on my knees....thank u Pentra, and thank u 13, my goal is always to challenege myself to write btetter than u, in good spirit, of course.

my favorite Anarki13 quote :
'Like old spy vs spy cartoons but less entertaining'
- in reference to Sunni/Shi'ite melodramaticization by some sides

Back In being the color of light.
currently posting on UPS supply...

whilst i have a coupla ideas to post about, gonna delay 'em for now and write about trivailties as my brainwaves do not fit the climate right now.

Stuff's been flying about in Iraq recently (Ex-Prez gettin' it, referrendum klawat), i wanted to vote but couldn't, and even if i could my grandparetns had me sit down yesterday and told me very clearly that i wasn't about to go munching anyplace other than home on the reverred day, i could've been a teen spirit and ousted this but i didn't feel like it, one doesn't need to know the science of psychohistory to figure that it's pretty much predetermined that the referrendum will be passed, in any means necessary.

excerpt from Iraqi's Konfused Kollege Kid diary at 15 Ocobter 2005 :

3 pm Woke up, felt cranky, tv flicking...
4 pm pretence of studying
5:35 pm iftaar, lively noodle soup and some weird stuff...good
7 pm brief hangout with dudes
8 pm home
12 am guitar
4 am slept

i pretend not to care, but i've been gettin' too politikal 4 my own good these days, if i went , i guess i would've no-ed it, not due to my respective Ayatollah saying so, but because it smells too fishy, with Sunnis's sinusodial comments on the day before and Shi'ites insiting on it happening, legally or not. i once read an early copy of it, what i read i didn't like - one part insisted that Iraq is a free country with its Shi'ite Majority and sunni and kurds (why does it insist upon on shi'ite being a majority?) from that day, i distrusted it.

Federalism benefits lotsa people, but mostly USA. Shiites, who are largely under religious leadership would feel like it as it gives their leadership more control (althu i really can't see Shi'ite liking this more than Iraqi identification) and surely Kakas are all hupped up on the Kurdistaan dream.

Yippie yay! Went to 13's yesterday because i wanted him to draw me some artwork for the CD of the dept. (more on this later) and sucked his CD collection dry of discs, he told me about some guitarists who would be more than interested in me too, gonna check that for future reference.

Dry throat. I am past eating 15 minutes in order to write for ur dogs, so here's the deal, since this post will go down as one of my worsts....gonna hip it up by introducing my picture, i don't look that cute in real life, btw....

and oh, anybody wanna abduct me, please be an alien. (don't think anybody'd intereested, even for all the Jarrar hype, i KNOW it was about the beard and not the blog, -from 13, who knows jarrar personally, i even posted about that and I WAS RIGHT...NYA HA HA HAAAAAAA)

I called Avg Iraqi these days, nice fella, we talked for 30 minutes on the cell phone! generous dude (him not me, i miscalled him) at 2 am, i am waiting for a chance to visit him, probably this week.

Kid's classic albums of all time:
celebrating SoaD's Mesmerize, i am dishing out my eternal list of my most trasured albums, this was started ever since i started listening to music back when i was 15, and i vowed never to erase a name no matter what, so it may contain some embarrasing content :

arranged by relative impact upon me :

1. Metallica - S&M
2. Soundgarden - Superunknown
3. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
4. Michael Jackson - Dangerous
5. Michael Jackson - HIStory
6. System Of A Down - Hypnotize
7. Metallica - LOAD
8. Metallica - ReLOAD
9. Metallica - Garage, INC.
10. Metallica - The Black Album
11. Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction
12. Metallica - Master Of Puppets
13. Iron Maiden - Brave New World
14. Metallica - Ride The Lightning
15. Metallica - ...And Justice For All
16. Nirvana - Unplugged In NY
17. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
18. *N SYNC - No Strings Attached
19. Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation
20. Backstreet Boys - Millennium

joke of the day : my ex-gf was a paranoid in every sense of the word, always awaiting for something to break us up...if she trips and falls, she would tell me it was a divine punishment and we would have to break up - only to call me back three days later...once i was byebyeing her in messenger when i tried to sound all romeo so i tried spanish : 'adios'
only to be replied with a somber 'what?'
Kid : What
Paranoid Chic :....don't talk with me again
Kid :(switches to arabi) hay shbeech, adios means bye in spanish
Paranoid Chic: u mean something else, Kid, why do u always have to be so dirty....?!?

it was only when i wrote the word in arabi when i knew what she meant.
good thing i broke up with her for real.

so to all of u,

The Ever Wisecracking Kiddo


Bill said...

kool photo man...a lefty huh..least u don't have worry bout other people puttin' there grease on ur fretboard.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Oooh, Man you are so hot!!!
Hey, don't drag this to Mr Gee's stuff.

Ok Cya later


Melantrys said...

Adios? You pervert! ;)

Hm. The new album sure is different buuuuuuut.... the others were excellent as well. :P
Seriously, though I - unlike you, it seems - do like Korn and some Limp Bizkit stuff, I always loved SoaD. For the vocals and for the Eastern influences. (Also love it if band suse medieval influences.)

Hope that's not too mean a thing to mention but I managed to see them this year in Holland, and that made me one happy girl indeed, even though I had to fight against vertigo all through the gig, as it was in a very steeply built stadium, our seats were almost under the roof and I'm really, really afraid of heights. I think Maarten didn't know whether to worry about me or laugh at me... ;)

("Cool", now I'm even spamming your comments section with my babbling attacks, lol.)

aNarki-13 said...

:) u still havent touched the zipper-cases! (got around 40 something more, and many more out since before i went to jordan, but i dont think u'd like most of them anyway!)

I'd be glad if someone wrote better than me, really! drives me on.. since most of the stuff is semi-bored writings.. ah.

oh and its "Chewed"!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks aren't everything but you are seriously gorgeous.

Melantrys said...

And what a sexy guitar he has..... :D

jennygirlyx said...


olivebranch said...


you have all the girls onto you!
I bet 13 is jealous :P

nice blog- and yes, get more political just don't join the resistance, and drag 13 with you, I want to see him channel his anger into a bit of political writing- then he will compete with you much much better!


I want to talk, chat, whatever with you & anarki
my e-mail is

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yahoo name is


check out my blog tooo
and tell 13 that he STILL OWES ME A BLOODY EMAIL

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