Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tag! You're It

mates, i never send offlines/chainmails or anything, plain lazy, be it a salo ala muhammed or the friend you always care about is A B C type...but since this tag's received by two friends i respect, Haneen & Hassan, i gotta comply, and i gotta do 14 since i've been double-tagged, you *@&#(@*&.... : )))) :))) i'll do 8.


1. speak english as good as i write it, i tried it, they thought i was from the BBC.
2. do the moonwalk
3. play guitar
4. speak Libyan (as evidenced in Amman, they thought so)
5. touchtype, my oldest trick in the book, they always eyepop when i do it.
6. accept anyone despite of his background (even, say, Jews, given that they do the same)
7. Conivnce all classmates to act in a slew of embarassing movies, incl. a parody of a first-person
shooter, a fake TV station on the streets, a rockband complete with fake wigs and an advertistement for a chinese calculator.
8. Attempt any bet given to me by guys, incl. Kissing guy u don't know and walking in college with ur hair in disarray (believe me, that caused a commotion.)


1. MUSICWISE: Buy electric guitar, write an eastern-influenced rock song, learn all arabic scales and some harmoy/melody stuff as well as try to understand Oud, get a kick at Violin & Paino. Play with a band and somehow play live somewhere. Learn sheet music, basically, kick ass musically.

2. Gain weight, i weight a lousy 62. i plan to be 70-75 which fits my height.

3. Stay in Iraq as long as possible before my parents forcefully drag me outta here, call me crazy but i like it here.

4. Develop an interest in political matters at least in terms of becoming an educated everyman, my hunger is already building and am currently reading two books : 'American Empire and the Raid of Iraq' by Muhammed H. Haykal (guy on Jazeera tv) and Huntington's Clash -again-

5. Deepen religious feelings and try as much as i can to suppress sexual impulses and the overwhelming desire to spank particular someones. Attain a more religious posture strictly based on moderate islam teachings, Amro Khalid-style. At least one day pray all five.

6. Learn to swim, i try all the time but my friends just go once or twice before quitting it. I planned to learn this summer by going to the river but i didn't....LAAAZY

7. Improve driving skills : I suck at driving, mainly because i didn't drive much and that little was last done six months ago before dad sold the car just when it fell into my lap. this is much needed right now, althu the treacherous gasoline prices, wicked traffic jams and populous carjacking suggests otherwise.

8. Relearn the capitals of all the world's countries like i did when i was 7 years old. Used to be an Atlas-freak who was so freakishly glad he discoverred a country called 'Andora'


1. sleep like a normal human being, either sleep all the time, never sleep (30+ hours a piece of cake) or sleep all morning and stay up all night, Batman-wise.
2. keep toilet seat down
3. talk more than 10 words per day to my grandparents for fear of inciting fight.
4. not negotiate a taxi driver into a humiliating fare. - to pay him more in the end, if i think he desrves it-
5. not sleep in Dr. DMA's lectures.
6. not laugh in Dr. DMA's lectures.
7. not get dismissed in Dr. DMA's lectures.
8. spend a day without computers.


Morbid Smile said...

It took me a long time to find seven things for each category!!
And you found eight.. cool bro.

You know all the capitals of the world's countries names??? I tried to do it once but completely failed :(

Good job, and good night!

Hassan said...

Hey friend,

With you doing this assignment, all the seven people I tagged has done their assignment. Feels good. You knwo you did good by not tagging anyone, you acted better than I did. Chain letters aren't something that should be taken so seriously.

Hey, BTW college has started. Why don't you drop by one day after Ramadhan. Go to Saj Al-Reef. It's great.

Melantrys said...

*surfaces from whichever place her sense of time usually occupies*

Happy Eid, man!

attawie said...

Convincing classmates to do all this stuff! Funny.
Convincing people to do things is my hobby.
I once convinced our maid "the printer is just a new kichen machine which makes kabab and dufta, and mix drinks".
good for u to have all this plans.

cile said...

wait a minute: you mentioned to spend a DAY without computers, not a whole holiday!
(desperately waiting for a brand new kiddo-post :)

Morbid Smile said...

Dead or alive!??!

Is this place dumped for good or what?! Come on, Kid, write a new post..

Melantrys said...

Indeed. Don't just play hide and seek on yahoo, entertain us here!!!!

Anonymous said...

You want to be more religious and learn about politics???

I wouldnt recommend it, but its your life.

With respect to politics I think you should research history as political theory is crap and just as in religion one thing is what they preach and another what actually goes on.

Personally I gave up on religion as it is childs play, you dont have to belief to be a person with morals and ethics. In my opinion faith is for morons.

If anyone tells you to have faith in something RUN AWAY!!! HE'S LYING!!! And without faith you cannot be a believer as that is what it entails.

As a kid in Morocco I remember watching a film about a shepperd who had an accident and broke his leg. Well he covered it with pages of the Quran and in the end he died because the infection spread. Hence, if you want miracles, trust science.

By the way, it is not Andora, it is called Andorra, or rather "Andorra la Bella".

Take care and remember that whaterver you do there will always be someone who want to kill you and send you to hell :-)

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Anonymous said...

You kissed a guy? OMFG *breathes deeply*

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