Monday, February 12, 2007

Iraqi Resistance and the US plan

Dear reader,

I'm gonna tell you something that all the Iraqis who pretend they're full of pride and shit don't tell you, every Iraqi who knows what's good for him wants the US military plan to happen - it's a known fact today that while US soldiers do occasionally rape 15-year-olds and add naked photos of our hairy butts to their family albums, they are still infintely more trustworthy than any Iraqi soldier from anywhere. When an American soldier knocks on your door for a search, you go 'oh thank god' but when Iraqis do the same, you are instantly on your toes. Forget about all those Iraqis and Arab bloggers who live outside or have never been in there recently, they don't know what it is like - Iraq is dead - we are living in a newfound, and very real, age of sect. The intellects and all the other deadbeats like you and me who do nothing but bitch about how Iraq is great and how we had a beautiful country before the war are having a hard time accepting this, but they're going to have to deal with it.
The American forces are the only forces that are to be relied upon in Iraq, as sloppy and careless as they are, because they don't have anything personal against Abu Haneefa or Musa al-Kadhim, I may have comitted national blasphemy by saying this, but it's 100% better to be honest than a nationalist hypocritical asswipe like most Arabs and Iraqis are. First step towards healing is diagnosis. I really hope they completely remove Sadr City and Adhamiya from the map.


Ahh, my age-old district. How much I loved you and how much today I come to despise you, for harboring all those Saddamists and criminals who masqueraded under the glorious name of resistance, yes I did support them but only because I was afraid of the Anees & Badr Corps.
The other day, during the same day when Zeyad's brother reported a death of his neighbor, I actually lost a relative, the holy rockets which have been blissfully directed by the Hidden Imam, may Allah hasten his alarm clock, has finally managed to kill my aunt's husband's brother. You wanna hear something funny?

He was a Shiite, 100% to the bone, and the only Shiite linegae in our honest-to-Abu Haneefa Sunni family.

How I got the news? I woke up at 7 AM the next day, my mother came and told me immediately....I have cried like crazy over my four dead friends, and I was very upset about the death of a number of people, but that day I glanced uninterestingly...and then I shrugged, I said: 'Serves him right. He should've went out of the hellhole a long time ago.'

The fact that I didn't even bother to write about it then gives you an idea of how much emotional I got all about it. Death is to us a fact of life - examine the beautiful irony in the previous sentence. How did I become like this? I have attained the languid unconsciousness of an assassin with all the insecrutiy and the tight-sealed anger sown deep down inside. I am ready to do atrocities without flipping an eyelid if you want me to. Maybe if I was stupid and immature I would've already been with the rest of em, carrying an AK-47 I don't know how to use correctly in front of our local mosque, praying very little and cursing very much while exchanging short semi-porno clips on my latest Nokia mobile. Glorious be my crusade nevertheless, for I am an Iraqi Resistance.

Here are some of my other news which I didn't care much to say :

About a month ago, another college friend of mine was near killed in a bus stop, he was riding a minivan heading towards a Shiite district, al-Jowadir, when the beloved Iraqi resistance came and showered everyone with the bullets of mercy, ending their pitiful existence as sheep waiting for the slaughter, the bullet has come for you, Nameer - but Nameer had a thick butt, and the bullets couldn't get through him - they tore through every non-critical part of his body but they left his heart, lungs, head and penis intact, so he could continue to live as a decent human-being - he did lose his left hand though, and he is a lefty.
As Borat would've said : "High Five!"...oops, sorry I forgot you don't have a hand anymore.

and also I forgot to mention the lovely incident of Ubada, another college friend of mine who is also a glorious resident in Adhamiya, and precisely at the Sifeena, home of the most glorious freedom fighters - this Ubada is a bearded guy with blue eyes who likes to frequent the mosques and distribute Sunni bloc Accordance Front fliers, and one day his pop tells him to go bring something from his auntie's empty house, as she was a smart woman and left Iraq about a few months ago, little did poor Ubada know, but the house was rigged by the beautiful Iraqi resistance in case the infidels come in to try and search it.

The limbs that were once Ubada were collected and buried at Abu Haneefa mosque, so long, martyr, too bad you didn't have any pussy in your short 21-years-old life while you were busy doing all that mosque touring, well, maybe in heaven with your 77,000 virgins.


Omar said...

Very sad, all that I can say.

And I do agree that it is better to have a US soldier enter your home than an Iraqi... Lesser of two evils :(

What a sad place Iraq has become (thank you our beautiful liberators, thank you. May we never forget the favour.)

Anonymous said...

I won't pretend to know what you're going through, I have lived through war but I was young and remember little. You might think it naive of me, but I would hate to be pessimistic and I would hate to think that there is no hope for Iraq. In fact just this morning I read in the newspaper that Sunni families that were kicked out of their homes were invited back and Sunni and Shia prayed together in a Sunni mosque. It might be a minute incident in the midst of all this sectarian violence but doesn't it mean anything at all? Not even Kuwaiti Shia pray at Sunni mosques! For someone living next door to the conflict it seemed like a shimmering ray of hope breaking through bleak and dismal grounds. But then you did say,
'Forget about all those Iraqis and Arab bloggers who live outside or have never been in there recently, they don't know what it is like'
So then again what do I know sitting here in the comfort and safety of my own bedroom?

My grandmother is Iraqi and she once said it was a common saying in Iraq, 'itbat 3ind yohodi wala tbat 3ind 3iraqi' she also says that the only way Iraqis can behave themselves is if there is a dictator like Sadam in rule ready to step over them whenever they go out of line. I don't necessarily agree. I think that the reason most Arabs are 'nationalist hypocritical asswipes' is not because we are stuck in the glories of the past and the magnificence of the former Islamic empire, as many people claim, it's probably quite the opposite. It's because as Arabs and Muslims we have such a pitiful lack of self-esteem and such a desire to be cradled and embraced by Mother West (we read their books, eat their food, wear their clothes, hear their songs, drive their cars, watch their movies, use their slang) only to be spat on and reminded that we are Arab and Muslim.So some of us become furious and resort to extreme, fabricated forms of Islam as a refuge, others wallow in the gallows and passively accept that only dictators can rule us, some mayadron wain Allah ga6hom, few of us are moderate and call against both the extremists and passivists and realise that a little bit more faith is all that is needed to balance out the equation.

Too often we have lamented the current state of Arabs and Muslims and I think the more we grumble (and this is the Arab specialty), the more we put ourselves down and heedlessly undermine the hopes of the hopeful.

Look at me, an Arab with low self-esteem grumbling about how much we grumble.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Damn that's fucked up. It's not enough to drive Iraqis out of their homes. Gotta rig the homes with explosives so that relatives are killed. These people are sick.

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Anonymous said...

Try to keep your spirits up. As a American I am hoping this latest security operaton is a success. I hope your thoughts on the Iraq(military or police?) is not as dreary in reality. I have talked to my friend that is on leave for two weeks from Iraq. Overall he is optimistic but he says that the Capital must be placated and quick and that it has to be mostly a Iraqi operation withina ayear so US Troops can start sealing off the Iran border to stop that flow of terrorist and arms. He told me(he is stationed in Bagdad, that half of "insurgent deaths" are foreign born and every one knows its Iran. I read a commenter on here (Iran Mojo) and his blog and he might disagree. But I pretty much trust my friend and his reading of intelligence reports on that issue and his first hand knowledge.

Goood Luck

Anonymous said...

Kid, I'm sorry for your losses. It (all the senseless attacks) make me wonder what they're trying to prove/do by killing innocent people (besides scare everyone, obviously). As far as the security plan is concerned, I hate to say it, I think some heavy handed action on my miliatry's part is needed.

ella said...

What a sad place Iraq has become (thank you our beautiful liberators, thank you. May we never forget the favour.)

Yes, Iraq is now sad or shall I say, terrible place, but you are still forgetting when talking about liberators that it is not they who started iraqi on the path of killing other iraqis, killing spree. It is also not they who for many years taught Iraqi that might is right and that power can be only got by killing and terrorizing. That is the most terrible legacy of Saddam, the fact that to mean something in Iraq people have to show how good they or their supporters are at killing and terrorizing. And that to survive one have to lie and cheat and lie again.
I am not iraqi so I might be wrong, but I know people from countries who had or have leaders similar to Saddam and they all got this kind of legacy.

Original_Jeff said...

Iraqi Kid,

"US soldiers do occasionally rape 15-year-olds"

Two of these perpetrators may get the death penalty for this crime. Another has been sentenced to 90 years in prison, with the possibility of parole no earlier than 20 years. These were terrible, evil, awful acts.

"but it's 100% better to be honest than a nationalist hypocritical asswipe like most Arabs and Iraqis are."

Amen. I am amazed at how many such people are otherwise intelligent (got a computer, speak English, post on the internet, etc).

Good luck, Kid, I think you are a very good person with much to offer our little planet.

Jon in Maryland said...

Hey Kid,
Hope you got what Little Penguin was saying on the previous string. You seemed to have. My own opinion on "bizarre" religious beliefs and practices is an outlook I got from a line in the movie of Tennessee Williams's "Night of the Iguana," at least 40 years ago. When asked by a defrocked Episcopal priest, now a tour guide in Mexico (Richard Burton), if she has ever had an intimate relationship with a man, the 40ish spinster artist says she was out in a rowboat with a salesman who asked to hold her bra, which she took off while he faced away from her. The priest asks, "Weren't you disgusted?" and she replies, "Nothing human disgusts me except deliberate cruelty." So that's the way I feel about those beliefs and practices that might be bizarre to outsiders. As long as they're engaged in voluntarily by those inside, and not forced on others or used to justify cruelty against others, that's their way of getting close to God and who am I to judge that it's wrong, or weird, or "disgusting."

Rather strange comments from Jim in Louisiana, relaying the opinion of a friend of his who's home on leave from Baghdad, particularly: "US troops can start sealing off the Iran border to stop that flow of terrorist and arms. He told me . . . that half of 'insurgent deaths' are foreign born and every one knows its Iran." Sounds to me as if the U.S. Army is already indoctrinating its soldiers in Iraq in the belief that the "insurgency" consists of "foreign fighters" provided and/or armed by Iran, as they seem to be doing in the U.S. press. Talk about weird beliefs. My perception is that the "insurgency" is primarily in Anbar, and Baghdad and its environs, and is mainly Sunni and/or Baathist. Then there is al-Qa'ida in Iraq, which is Sunni and perhaps primarily non-Iraqis, particularly Saudis, Jordanians, and maybe some Syrians and Yemenis. Can't see the Iranians supporting either of those groups. The Iraqi Shi'a, except for the Mahdi Army's clashes with the Coalition Forces a couple of years ago, seem to be primarily engaged in "retaliation" by mortar fire, kidnappings, torture, and shooting of Sunnis, plus some internal power struggles among different Shi'ite groups. God help us all if the U.S. ends up attacking Iran on the basis of some more synthesized evidence.
Omar, please, please forget the "favour." I don't think I'd care for a more material "thank you" for a "favour" I didn't think at the time that we should grant. Consider me lacking in generosity if you'd like.

Bruno said...

That was a moving post indeed.

The fact that Iraqis are more scared of other Iraqis knocking at their door is a direct result of the usual US modus operandi.

Typically the US trains up one section of the indigenous population to suppress the rest of that populace. Previous examples are in Nicaragua and El Salvador. US forces usually do not engage in the extremely bloody cleansing operations themselves, and those that do, are typically more highly trained and indoctrinated special operations units or marine units.

Behind the face of the Iraqi knocking at the door is the hand of the US.

(I posted this at Healing Iraq as well.)

Omar said...

"Omar, please, please forget the "favour." I don't think I'd care for a more material "thank you" for a "favour" I didn't think at the time that we should grant. Consider me lacking in generosity if you'd like." -Jon in Maryland

Jon, I appreciate your comment. Your view on the situation about the "insurgency" is spot on.

It might seem from my comment that I have a grudge against or even hate Americans. That is not the case. I know many wonderful Americans (with brains, may I add) who opposed the "liberation" from beginning till now. I do however have everything against this lunatic US administration.

Personally, I haven't lost any immediate family yet as a consequence of the ordeal, only friends who weren't very close to me. When I say that we won't forget the "favour", well it's true, we won't. What I didn't say however, and wouldn't want to say, is to be sure to pay back the "favour". In other words, when and if this ordeal is over, I hope we can forgive, but we will certainly not forget.

I only wish that we could live in a world with respect, freedom and dignity, not behind the shadows of a superpower that doesn't seem to value human life and doesn't seem to understand what responsibility means.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

I only wish that we could live in a world with respect, freedom and dignity, not behind the shadows of a superpower that doesn't seem to value human life and doesn't seem to understand what responsibility means. Omar

Exchange the word "superpower" for "resistance" and you might have the solution to what's wrong in Iraq.


An excellent post.

I'm sorry to hear about your relative. Have you been over to Anarki's lately? He also lost someone recently.

Omar said...

The "resistance" was born because of the actions of the "superpower", Lynnette. Let me put it real simple so that you may understand: the actions of the US have created more terrorists than Osama bin Laden could imagine in his wettest of dreams. What a joke this "war on terror" is...

You really need to address your own terrorist (redneck Bush) before you go and bomb countries out of existence.

ella said...

the actions of the US have created more terrorists than Osama bin Laden could imagine in his wettest of dreams.

yes and no. Yes, there are more terrorists in Iraq then ever before, No, they were not compelled by americans to kill other iraqis. Iraqi themselves figured out that the quickest way to power and the quickest way to regain power is to use violence. Or were they thought to think that way before?

David All said...

Kid, thank you for this & your previous posts. It is tragic beyond words what has happened in Iraq, especially the growing numbness to all the butchery. What happeed to your four friends was particularly horrible. Seizing on situations like the ones you mentioned in this post for grim ironic humor may be the only way to keep sane. About having American soldiers rather then Iraqi soldiers in your house, there was a recent entry on an Iraqi blog, I forget which one, where a young Iraqi Christian Woman told of how, one day when she was home by herself, she was raped by an Iraqi soldier who had previously been in her house as part of a search party.

I am ashamed as an American & as someone who use to believe that this war & occupation would lead to a better Iraq. I apologize for my past support and for this idiotic Administration which can only think of using more & more blunt force, no matter that such tactics have not worked before.
Omar, I hope you and other Iraqis can forgive us when all this horror is over, though neither Iraqis or Americans should ever forget what has happened.

A&Eiraqi said...

Dear Kid
you're so frustrated, this is quite normal, I agree with most of what you've said, I know how bad Iraqi solders are, I also prefere Americans check my house than Iraqis, I couldn't trust anyone who try to talk to me and it took me months to cross over this problem even in London.

But, do you think our problems will be solved if we remove Aadhamiya and Sadder city from the map? I don't thnk so , it will be more complicated, hateredness will increase so as secterism .

I always rember words I've read for Hala_s "one day they'll leave and we will be left with a history of violence and wounds which are very difficult to heal, yet we will be together , like a catholic marriage , no way out".

I wish the American plan succed in creating new develpoed and united Iraq, if it will be like that , I'm the first who wish them all the best , I don't care what Arabs would say about me .

You've lost somebody and I've lost somebody , and everbody expect the worse,
What worse could happen ??


LeRoy said...

Excellent post kid.

A lot of people seem to think that the sectarian violence in Iraq is the Iraqi's own fault and that the actions of the U.S. are not to blame, but I would just like to point out that the exact same thing would happen here in the U.S. if you disbanded our police and military and started disrupting our infrastructure. In the southern U.S. you would get an uprising of blacks, and in the southwest (where I live) you would get an uprising of Mexicans.

In fact, I would guess that pretty much every nation in the world would experience a similar conflict if you did the same thing to it.

To give an analogy, if you remove the support beams from a mine shaft, it's not the mine's fault if it collapses.


Anonymous said...


I have second hand but extensive antidotal information about the ME.

Kurdish side of the Family migrated from Iran. Relatives in Detroit and now Nashville.

As a kid (GI Brat) I lived in Kingsville Texas. Finished School in South Carolina and have worked as an adult in Tennessee, Chicago, Louisville, Sao Paulo and am close to retirement In VA.

A race war in the US is about as likely as having a woman leader in Saudi. The Bushite stupidity in Iraq opened a Pandora’s Box. The American box doesn’t have the same ingredients.

Anonymous said...

"if you disbanded our police and military and started disrupting our infrastructure. In the southern U.S. you would get an uprising of blacks, and in the southwest (where I live) you would get an uprising of Mexicans." -Leroy

That's really racist and totally inaccurate! Are you saying that the ONLY thing keeping the 'oppressed' "blacks" and "Mexicans" 'under control' are the US police and military!?

Dream on!

Saddam created these conditions and they have NO similarity to the situation of minorities in the U.S. (unless you mean 100 years ago!)

Don't you know that a large part of the American Military IS black and/or Mexican?

If you really live in the Southwest, don't you remember the 100's of thousands of Mexican AMERICAN marchers waving AMERICAN flags with NO ACTS of violence? I know because I was there. Clearly you were not!

Jon in Maryland said...

يا فوءادي لا تسل أين الهوى
كان صرحا من خيال فهوى
إيقني واشرب على أطلاله
وروعني طالما لدمع روى
كيف ذاك الحب أمسى جبرا
و حديثا من أحاديث الجوى

أعطني حريتي أطلق يديا

(thanks and apologies to Ibrahim Naji, I believe, although I may have gotten the composer confused with the poet)

And a happy Valentine's Day to all. Grab what love and joy you can.

Jon in Maryland said...

Thanks for the reply. A little bit of poignantly sad irony running all over the place right now.

As for the superpower that doesn't value human life, I think we believe we do, but we're rather self-deluding in the way we go about "defending" ourselves, as well as all too ignorant about too many things and thus unable to foresee even the foreseeable possible unintended consequences. Bull in a china shop full of red pottery, to mix a couple of metaphors.

Nadia said...

"if you disbanded our police and military and started disrupting our infrastructure. In the southern U.S. you would get an uprising of blacks, and in the southwest (where I live) you would get an uprising of Mexicans." -Leroy

Any country if you let the racist, corrupted and liars run it one will turn into hell. Give some ministries to the racist white groups, important one for each group, you see there are differcnt white racist groups. Then some ministries for different black groups and Hispanics. See to it that some groups that the above hate get yet some other ministries too. And then give them a couple of hundred thousand solders to protect them. But most of all see to it that each racist, corrupted and criminal groups gets its own militia. These militia then commit crimes and the media say it’s the people that are killing each other.

The US as a nation has tremendous friction between many groups so we’ll make to a blood bath in no time.

Does thins mean US people can not live together. No it just means that who ever you let run a country can turn it into what ever they want if power is taken away from its people. Power can be taken away by fear thru constant propaganda and strait out military attacks that threatens people’s lives.

Just look at what Hitler did with the German people, made them participate in genocide of millions of other people. Look at the Germans before that and now. Nothing wrong with these people. Its how one rules a country that decide what you choose to turn it into.

The US administration is ruling Iraq with marionettes none of them is to be trusted.

anon2 said...

yes .. we all kinda hope this new security plan will succeed.

Suddenly all the things which I used to consider to be pure propaganda (establishing a new democracy, rebuilding the country, getting rid of terrorsits .. etc) are now things that I really look forward to!!

oh damn .. the Americans played it right, again.

فرق تسد
قد فرقوا .. و قد سادوا

While we were doing what? nothing .. just blaming the people who were really trying to work for the sake of the country (iip) and throwing all kinds of "traitors" accusations against them.

Will it be another 40 years so that a new generation gets things done right?

Konfused Kid said...

nadia...i really liked your comment, you're weclome here anytime, I don't usually kiss up or even reply to comments, but yours is worthy, and it really explains a lot about Iraq. It's a shame that there are a lot of those wrong people in the Muslim world, while the nice guys are content to scuttle inside their own homes and create weblogs about it.

Nadia said...

KK so are you kissing up to me or is it just an ordinary comment ; )

There are billion of good people around the world. Who all they want is a good education, be loved by their partners, family and friends, have a job to have decent living and a home to come back too, have food to eat, live in a safe place and have fun in their spare time, they don’t want more they don’t need more.

But yet a few hundred thousand who are not satisfied with that manage to take us to war after war, devastation after devastation where we even are destroying our own planet on the way.

All this is regardless of religion or country KK.

I lived in the US for a while and the majority of the people I talked to never want war. Yet if you look at that country’s history just since WWII it’s filled with military attacks one after the other.

The people who rule have the power to go to war because the peaceful Americans don’t have the power to stop them and not the same determination to change the course.

The US is after all a free country with peace within its boarders so people there have all the opportunity to make change and yet they can not.

Most of the countries in Asia and Africa have brutal leaders as we all know, most of whom are actively supported by the west (military, politically and economically). These regimes rule by threat of torture, death and devastation and military attacks. No wonder people are afraid and choose to stay inside. By that no change happens either. The solution is for west to stop selling these regimes weapons, stop giving them loans and political support.

The people who want these wars and conflicts have a determination that too many of the peaceful people lack.

And most of all these people who want these wars and conflicts have the support of the weapon industry and if you have those on your side you can do what ever you want, when ever you want.

Its really sad KK.

Bruno said...

Nadia, nice comments and good to see you again.

Kid, your gutsy posts are fast becoming a firm favourite. Thanks for taking the time.

Peggy said...

Yes it would be the best thing if the new security plan worked, but I am a little pessimistic after all the mistakes that have already been made.
Too many lunatics in the world, and the worst news is that they are running the show.

LeRoy said...

I've mentioned that I thought the same thing would happen over here to a couple of people, and I always get the same response. No one believes that the same thing would happen over here. I hope you guys are right, but to me it seems like such a no-brainer. We already have occasional hate crimes over here, and that's with the threat of getting caught and going to jail. If that threat were removed, the number of hate crimes would have to increase, and without the police to catch and punish the perpetrators, people would have to fight back themselves. Most people would want peace and stability, but it would just take one disgruntled adolescent with a chip on his shoulder to start a fight or something, and it would just escalate from there.

Remember, the sectarian violence in Iraq didn't start right away. It grew over the course of the last three years, and it's still growing. I remember reading blogs a couple of years ago where the bloggers kept insisting that there was no division between Shiite and Sunni, that they were all Iraqis living peacefully together. But obviously, not everyone in Iraq agreed with that. It only took a few people to start the wave of violence in Iraq, and those same kinds of people exist in the U.S. right now.

K said...

"Remember, the sectarian violence in Iraq didn't start right away. It grew over the course of the last three years, and it's still growing."

That's the part I don't agree with. It didn't start three years ago. People around the world (even Iraqis) started learning more about what has happened in Iraq because they could blog and report on television. In the old Iraq, this was not passible but I don't know what you call Saddam's brutality other than sectarian and racist violence. Equal opportunity murderer and oppression?

The nature of violence is different but not new.

Shia uprisings have given way to Mehdi death squads.
Instead of Fedayeen Saddam we now have Al-Qaeda suicide bombers.

devildog6771 said...

First off we haven't bombed any country ouf of existance. Second there are criminals and dishonorable in any army. They do not reflect the whole Army. Second, what's happening in Iraq right now is the result of Al-Qaeda's world wide goal for an Islamis Caliphat and Iraqi hatred for the sect that dominated the majority for so long.

If you guys really want us gone then stop feeling sorry for yourselves and do something about those who are killing your own people like other Arabs and Muslims.

You are mad at the wrong people. I am sorry about your hardships. We had our own here when we first fought for our independence. We also had a civil war because of slavery "and" more importantly because an industrialized north wanted to capitalize on the agricultural south.

We are by no means a perfect country. But we do donate more to all nations in need than the other nations in the UN added together.

I see some of our very left Americans have been commenting here. Take them with a grain of salt. While they claim to hate this country's way and its capitalism they hate it all the way to the bank. Then they go home to their 2.5 kids and their 2-3 cars like every other American.

These are people who believe in peace at all cost, even the loss of their freedoms.

dancewater said...

"We already have occasional hate crimes over here, and that's with the threat of getting caught and going to jail. If that threat were removed, the number of hate crimes would have to increase, and without the police to catch and punish the perpetrators, people would have to fight back themselves."

yes. and since they would not know which members of a certain group of people had actually targeted them - they would fight back against the whole group. So a small group of KKK-like guys could get a racial group going in no time - ANY racial group. Or a group of foreigners....

Now imagine if the only authority around only spoke Polish. Would crimes get solved, ever? No.

but there is one thing you left out - we already have a lot of violent crime from bat-shit crazy people here in the USA (like school killings) and if we removed all native authority and replaced with only Polish - AND screwed up the electricity, water supply, health care services, and all government services -----

well, the number of bat shit crazy folks would increase a zillion fold, and the violence from them would increase a zillion fold also.

And I would call Saddam an "equal opportunity killer" since he went after a number of different groups - mainly people who opposed him - and had Shi'ites and a Christian in his cabinet.

dancewater said...

hey, devildog,

guess you are upset over the government spying and the revoking of the rights of habeas corpus just like me.

What's really pathetic is that we are giving up our freedoms while we have peace in this country ------- imagine what would happen if we had war here!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Fricken A Awesome. May you live forever you sick twisted S.O.B. Best Iraq blog post I've ever read. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Omar. Pack it all up, grab your family and come down to Australia.
The surf is up, and I need a guitarist in my band with attitude.
Seriously, and jest aside, you write great posts and sometimes when I read them I just want to transport you and your closest down here away from it all.
ALl the best
BIBS - Sydney

luckent47 said...

i agree with you and disagree with you so dont take this as an insult but devil dog has it right.
you need to be proactive and not let all the hipness distract you.
if you have American liberals or hacks like bruno thinking they agree with you you have a problem.

when you hear all this shit about westerners spitting on arabs and muslims you need to think real hard about that shit. we have the most open and generous society in the world and it doesnt mean shit what all these haters and jealous assholes say. We dont have a problem with any type of person except assholes, so if youre an arab asshole that was your choice.
What do we have to do?!!!
No one is ever going to like us, we win.
No one is ever going to thank us or give a shit when we take out scum like SH. that's just life, but in our hearts we know that we're doing the right thing.
Iraq may presently seem like a shit sandwich to you but thats because youre a kid that is only going to see whats right in front of your face.
We beat the fucking nazis and freed europe, do you see them thanking anyone?
We brought down the CCCP.
only the czechs sent a thank you.
Chinese socialism has been completely debased and millions other than the party members are finally getting something to be proud of called a life.
Now its the Arabs turn and hopefully it won't be too late as the persians are hellbent on getting their dumbasses kicked too.

I served, I couldve been a punk and stood on the side and bitched but I raised my hand. what did I get for it? I was called a red neck by the same people that wouldve been under a soccer field with nary a peep out of my euro betters as they disco'd down to the death disco.

Dont get all hyped out with all this bullshit. you have a job to do and your kid's kid's will probably never know how hard it was for you but they will get to see freedom to criticize and bitch about just like everybody else.

we are all brothers and sisters, there is only one allah and we need to start saying that to each other. Instead of all this "those asshole Americans" bullshit that the same people that didnt bat an eye of lift a finger keep bleating.

The shit you see today is just on the surface, all the wrecked lives and tortured souls were just hidden in the "good old days" and if thats what youre bitching about you can eat a dick.
Saddam did this, blame him. If youre not helping then shut up.
Otherwise be patient brother and keep you head in the game instead of blowing around like a leaf.

The spoiled rich kids and the trendy liberals that know oh so much about Bushites etc sat and watched as your country was bled to build palaces for a fucking slob. The UN drove around in limos from conference after conference voting on measures they knew they would never back up. and no one saud a damned thing except us conservatives. Now you have a fucking single chance and if you blow it it won't be because of anyting we didnt do it will be because you bought into all this groupthink arab this arab that bullshit.

You are a distinct individual created to be free and do good things, it will be difficult but worth it and the whole time there will be cowards like bruno telling you that youre a sucker.

fuck'em, Drive On.

One nineteen year old national guardsman serving in Iraq right now is doing more for freedom than every beatles loving hippy ever born but it takes a man to see that. Be that man and Good Luck.

anon said...

Dear Iraqi Konfused Kid.

We need every one to put down thier guns. and start helping
You don't need soldiers knocking on the door. You need musicians, because words could never express human emotion felt by the whole planet as to what has been taking place through-out history.

I am English and assure you non of the english wanted or want this holocost to continue.
Only the queens government perpetuaights this global genocide.

They are I believe responsible for the events unfolding around the globe. It has been reported by a Dr David Ayoub MD [video online google] that prince philip [queens husband] wrote, he intends to kill 80% of the global human population, through vaccines given to the masses under the guise of helping cure a mysterius desease. [H5N1, Bird Flu] and many other media propogated hysteria.

We are in the end days it is written in many books, I believe humans can win this fight of armaggedon.
I have love to give, I don't know how to kill people but I can love them, and I can heal them with music, as it flows through me. [I am an element through which music can flow]
I want to heal the whole of Iraq and Especially Africa.

We humans have many beautiful gifts, which are beaten from our memorys when we are babys, they destroy our consciousness of our inner capacitys, with TV brainwashing [Thats how they do it] to stop us learning our true potential.
We can have telepathy global. There is free clean infinate energy, [Nicola Tesla] CIA murdered him in the 1950's, they have teleported electrons in the lab, Scientific Fact, they've done it. This oil war is a sham, its all a sham, throughout history of all of humanity. The queen of england is resposible, Prince charles has a shield at his coronation as prince of wales, and it reads in Latin 'I the black prince, serve the red dragon.'
It's documented, and a fact.
For me thats confirmation.

Jordon Maxwell, says he thinks they're Aliens from other worlds, I believe him. as crazy as that sounds. There is footage from the space shuttle of Alien craft, very sophisticated, its all on film, check it out on google.
Why do I tell you all this? Because All humans must realise they have been pitched in battle against themselves. Divide and Rule. The winning move is to not be divided, therefore, be united.
Forget religion, footballteams, any sport, any division. Stop playing games of division.
Only then will we win our struggle for freedom and beauty.
Unite people, help each other, serve each other, and soon we will be able to love each other.
When we do we get, telepathy. Any question you ask you get an answer instantly, because someone in the world knows.
To every question love is the answer & love is the answer to every question.

kafir said...

What a sad place Iraq has become (thank you our beautiful liberators, thank you. May we never forget the favour.)
- Omar

I read an interview with a Sunni soldier who said that there were no Shia or Sunni before the Americans came, they were all Iraqis. I think if you were to ask a Shia or a Kurd you'd get a different answer.

As for being a sad place, the Garden Of Eden supposedly lay somewhere between the Tigris and Euphrates. This is the land in which God spoke to Abraham. This is the land of great empires and wonders like the hanging gardens of Babylon. Humans have been living there for ten thousand years. Iraq should be the pinnacle of human advancement, knowledge, freedom, dignity, understanding, thought, etc. Is it? Far from it. Why? Because it has been wracked by war, subjugation, and dictatorship for centuries. It may be a sad place now, but in its historical context, it was already a sad place. People living in squalor, sewage running in the streets, fearing that the next knock on the door may bring death with it, etc. The difference now is that the dictatorship and subjugation has been thrown off. What will you do, now? Will you take this opportunity to become the great society you should be or revert to a bunch of feral, growling animals fighting over the scraps of what's left? Inshallah you'll make the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Death to the crusaders

Glory to the lions of the Iraqi Resistance

Anonymous said...

"Glory to the lions of the Iraqi Resistance "

In this context 'resistance' against freedom, democracy, self esteem, progress, peace for iraq, I presume.

As an iraqi I ask What glory is there to continue the killing of Iraqis in the stupid guise of 'the resistance'? When will you wake up you brainwashed saddamist/jihadist/sadrist zombies and realise that you should stop trying to kid everyone by blaming just the Americans for the mess because you are the real murderers of Iraqis every day. You cannot speak on behalf of the majority who are glad to see back of dictator saddam, only now to suffer chaos in the hands of zombies who hate freedom and democracy. did you ever have the misfortune of yourself or anyone you know tortured, poison-gased or raped by the saddam regime? you want the 'resistanse' to return you to your 'comfortable' days. It is selfish and senseless people like you that wish to prolong the agony of the ordinary Iraqis by promoting more killing and delay in the rebuilding of Iraq. Your insect brain will never appreciate anything except that your 'kind' and only your 'kind' should rule the country and everyone else is second class. If I am wrong to assume that please let me know what the hell you want for Iraq. Otherwise, For that reason at least I hope your 'resistance' bites the dust....sooner than later.

I admire your writings and I'm sad with you, but with Iraqis like you there is still hope. .....insha'allah. My prayers are with you.

Keep safe.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kid,

I understand you totally... I understand the rage, and I understand the emotion... and trust me, it's better than apathy.

The rage I feel right now about the current situation over there is directly related to all of the killings... and as for who to place blame on, well, I try not to play blame games.

But call me reasonably certain that the stories I hear of unarmed pilgrims being gunned down while walking, unarmed are generally not the kind of killing performed by American soldiers.

Most of our men and women in uniform have ingrained into them the memory that they come from a country that was built by people who came here to ESCAPE from persecution based on their RIGHT to practice their religions in whatever way they deemed fit.

So important was that, it's in the Constitution.

So important is that that it's a part of the constitution of every human being, regardless of nationality, race, gender, or any other factor which makes us seem outwardly or inwardly "different" to one another.

Insofar as the guy we all have different names for... he tends to get pissed when his children get killed by other children for no good reason whatsoever.

And when he gets pissed, the "clocks" of those responsible tend to be wound DOWN.

From my castle to yours,


PAX DIO said...

Someone wrote.."As an iraqi I ask What glory is there to continue the killing of Iraqis in the stupid guise of 'the resistance'? When will you wake up you brainwashed saddamist/jihadist/sadrist zombies and realise that you should stop trying to kid everyone by blaming just the Americans for the mess because you are the real murderers of Iraqis every day." As an American who has seen his own country starting to come apart politically and ideals being seconded guess, I very needed to read this post...If only more Americans here could understand the tremendous costs being paid...They pretend to be the new peaceniks and cry foul as if they were reborn anti Viet Nam advocates..every one shouting with no real answer of their own but to leave.. They so worried where they might park the BMWs in WASH,DC to protest or if there is a Starbucks nearby to get a cup of coffee, phonies most of them...

I firmly believe we, The Americans owe the Iraqia every chance to pulli it together, to leave the region in some kind of order, and yet....we can't stay forever...for every sad Iraqi story I could probably tell you one of a young man with no legs or a son without a father, A new bride carrying A child never to know his father...this ALL has to count for something MORE than just Saddam death...

God Bless the Iraqi people. if in your hearts you can find peace and reconcilation, then perhaps you may start to speak of peace , keeping in mind biblical comments that the tongue is the beginning of works...its what comes out of a mans mouth that makes him foul and soon his actions will follow..God Speed Iraq...
Please , if you can come to blog once in awhile at and send me the link here as I will return

Anonymous said...

Lets invade a sovereign country, impose our views on them, find a few local stooges and traitors who will work in our interests and put them "democratically" (like Florida- Ha) in power - to give the impression its the "will of the people" etc.

If civil war breaks out blame it on just about everyone imaginable except our own stupidity, and Oh by the way lets make sure we make a tidy Buck or better Billions in the process. Sound familiar ?
We call it Corporate War.

ral173 said...

Another irony in Iraq is that tactics once accepted and praised when used against Jews and other Infidels is now being used by Muslims against Muslims.

I remember the comments by a Palestinian man-on-the-street after an attack on an Israeli marketplace. He said that 'the Jews have tanks and we don't, so what else can we do?'

A number of countries in the Middle East educate their children with cartoons of bomb-vest superheroes.

I suspect that Al-Qaida had a hand in stirring the pot, by attacking both sides.

T.U said...

Kid, I'm sorry for what has happened to you. As a "western guy" (Finland) I don't know what you're going through every day, but I can tell you that my dad died when I was 10, so I know how it hurts to lose someone very close.
It's funny to read the posts of Americans and how some of them (more or less) try to deny or justify some of the facts (bad things) that happen in Iraq. U.S. has been in 37 wars and this is one of them, so I just hope the best for you and wish that you'll have a long life with some happiness. Hang on there.

Amanda said...

I am a very small and inconsequential human being. I don't know a lot of things,I just want to be a person who is honest with and about myself.
I know the American gov't isn't perfect and a lot of people hate Bush and wish we never went to war.
Some of them are really mad because our soldiers keep dying, and it seems like it's for no reason...but I think there is a reason. Iraq is chaos and a lot of people think that it is all our fault and we should get out.
If we leave now though, what happens? We just leave a bigger mess than what was there when we came? That is not the answer. I don't know the heart of Bush. It's easy to judge from the outside and form a negative opinion. Maybe he really has a good heart, and wants genuinely to see freedom for the Iraqi people who are dying. Some of you will call me naive, but can you say for sure that's not so?

I love my country. My leaders don't always make the best decisions, and there is much evil here as well, but in general I think there is a sense of accountability. I have faith in us.
Maybe because I have to have faith. Bono said once that America is more than a country, it is a great idea.
I wish more people felt that way and less people hated us. We are not all in it for our own glory.

Someone above stated that we have been in 37 wars. Would they rather we had stayed home from WWII? We could have. In fact, we wanted to. Maybe we should have kept away from Korea?
There are good and bad examples, but again, do you get to make the choice? Or maybe noone should? What really drives me INSANE is how the global community (and far left liberals) bitch and bitch about how bad we are and how we need to stay out of everyone's business, but then all of a sudden there is a panic in Darfur(or somewhere) and everyone is swearing at us for not bringing aid right this second.
We cannot win. It is a lose lose situation.
If we go to war somewhere, we are hated, if we stay home, we are loathed and sworn at.
Even our own citizens ridicule this nation on a daily basis, and I wonder if they wouldn't rather be there in Iraq?
At LEAST we have some semblance of getting along though. We may at times take our free speech a little far, but it's nice to have, and the rational among us usually balance out the nutty ones.

In any case, I just stumbled across your blog today and I really love it. You will be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amanda. What America needs are more of you. Some of us are becoming so jaded that we have become completely twisted in our self-loathing. It's nice to see that some faith in our country still exists.
I didn't know what to think about this war in the beginning except that I felt like God had a purpose in freeing these Iraqi people from Saddam. I was full of hope that they would grab their freedom from tyranny and work together. I underestimated the evil of Al Queda and the evil of leftist liberals and their media. The CONSTANT pesimistic drum beat from the media has overrun many rational Americans and turned them against this task. It is a dangerous situation for Americans but far more dangerous for the millions of Iraqis who want peace and freedom. I don't know what will happen, but you certainly won't get peace by sending musicians to peoples doors, or pulling out the one group that is trying to bring peace to a nation that seems bent on self-destruction.
Amanda is completely right.America can never win. We are damned if we do- damned if we don't. So all we can do is to do what we think is right, and not give up on it. We CANNOT give up on Iraq and the millions of good people who are trying to live free. Doing so would be the real war crime. Destroya nation and then leave. Iraq will become a hell hole like Afganistan was before we got rid of the Taliban. What a terrible loss to the world that would be.

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anon said...

Hi kid

Back again after a brief spell of homelessness in the UK. 2nd time for me.

I saw the idiot inteligence officer, who blogged straight after me, in a psy-op'ed, constructed blog, in order to destroy - any transmission of beauty my words conveyed, to the most blessed people of Iraq and the whole of the Middle-East.

So this is to be expected, you can see the military goons, selling DEATH as the answer to PEACE...I think not, you morons.

Just to let the Mility Inteligence Division's, responsble for these blogs, understand their own position clealy, so they arent confused with-in thier tiny minds, as to, Who exactly it is, they work for, and the doctrines they are following.,-117.157699&spn=0.002718,0.007607&t=h&z=18&iwloc=addr&om=1

Scroll up and to the right as the page opens, so you see the Nazi building the rest of the world is looking at.
Yes be assured... THE WHOLE WORLD is WATCHING.

So you have no-excuse, put down your guns immeadiatly, and take out to the Iraqi people Water And Medicines, so they Can treat the 4-5 million people [at least] who require medical attention.

And be warned Iraqi's, in the teachings of the following video,

Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda 5 star

And finally just take a quick peek, at the Lectures of Webster Tarply, How to Stop World War three.

Vatican Assassins, Eric John Phelps. [A must see film] trust

Vatican Assassins Part I: History Of The Jesuit Order

Parts 2,3 are on the google video page as you open the above link.
Copy and paste all the links they should take you there.

Also Check out, they have some excellent alternative events from political to the esoteric.

And a couple of good things for all, to do a bit of healing perhaps.

The Mayan Calendar Comes North 01 - Ian Xel Lungold

The Mayan Calendar Comes North 02 - Ian Xel Lungold

Masaru Emoto - water crystals in motion 5 star

Joe cell, The Y factor and Emoto crystals

There are videos by David Serida, showing how off-world craft travel faster than the speed of light, and the original people who scripted the bible came from Sirius, Its all amazin' check it out.

I want my space-ship now!

Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's - Part 2

So mr Army Soldier, thinkin every-one else is a poof for wanting PEACE, You are UN-SANE, And have been blinded with the illusion that Chainey and Bush are the ones resposible, no no, it is your Secret Generals and Comanders and Colnels, who control the Chaney and Bush Mouth-Organs, and they are doing it by direction of the Jesuit Generals in Rome.

Im sure they arent to lonely either, the Olicarchy's of Europe are deeply involved along with the Political pawns and the Eductionalist advisors inside their think-tanks.

You are following, Dr Strangelove, Mr military Inteligence, [a contradiction in terms, if ever there was]

And I'm a no-good Peace-nik.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, the Military Industrial Complex who you help, are trying to make a new type of bomb work in the lab.

The Lab is 1 of at least 5-7 is 25 miles long under the streets of Paris, where they are trying to make Photons Split Electrons and create a release of energy so large, it would destroy the entire Solar System. I can't remeber exact names [soz] but its called a super collider, so type it into google. Anywayz, they keep sacking scientists, although they are compartmentalised as in the military, they figure out exactly what it is the Government is trying to do, so some have been murdered, most refuse to proceed.

But with the continued assistance of idiots like you supporting the Military Mad-men, stopping the Citizenry arresting the perpetraightors, it isn't really helping.

So check webster Tarpleys Talk in London, on 5th November, to bring you up to date on the Global Thermo Nuclea war.


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