Sunday, February 26, 2006


DAY 3.5

WARNING : I am pissed off, so I may say things I do not mean.
Things have quieted down noticably today, more promising subtitles
abound in all major TV stations...

i have a singlemost frustration which I couldn't keep until a
further post, many many people started beating their chests and
calling it a Civil War from day one, to all these people, and
some of them are some of my best friends, I have the following to
say :

Fuck you.

That's right, Fuck you Zeyad, Fuck you Anarki13, fuck you my
sectarain grandmother, fuck anyone who's done anything to wallow
in the misery of Iraq and incite more hatred, fear and death
amongst the masses, either intentionally or not.
Those blogger friends who have taken to recluse in digging up any
horrible stories and passing them off to anyone who can hear,
glorifiying any negative news they can find, please ignore these
sorry fools, they are just that way...they gravitate to the dark -
thinking it's cool, naturally, that's my stance by default
, but I find this highly inappropriate regarding the circumstance.

For example, Zeyad, a friend of mine and arguably the best Iraqi
blogger out there, has been continously adding oil to the pan by
translating to the world at large gloomy news from a decidedly
miserable website, that website almost specializies in Shiite acts
of massacre against Sunni and its neutrality and objectivity is
highly disputed, all the news Zeyad's been passing are all about
doom and gloom, stop glorifiying the death, Z!...true, shit
happens, but for all I care, all that happened is predicatble and
can be transcended easily. and you should do something about the
name of your blog 'Healing Iraq?', fast.
I'm not saying you should remain calm, but you have a tendency to
exaggerate greatly...

That website (, amongst many others Sunni and
Shiite media) is provoking images of hatred and murder when it is
the last thing we need right now, can't you even spare us a single
act of positive news? I am not for being hypocritical, but
nobody's done anything to tell of the GOOD news happening, and
there are lots of them! At last, Muqtada Al-Sadr guys and the
Association Of Scholars issued a unified statement today, and you
can feel the impact of the deadly violence waning noticably today,
I know Iraq will pass through this, and it will actually be a good
thing in retrospect because people have got a taste of what it's
like of pitting brother against brother and it will bring the
people together.
As for 13, who immediately called it a Civil War and put his head
in the sand, well, dude, please, I know u hate Iraq and everything
but can't u at least have a little faith in yourself? Iraq is
filled with nice intellctual guys, yeah I've come out and dared to
say it. These people will not engage in this folly...

The only blogger I am proud of is 24 Steps To Liberty, his posts encourgaed me a
a great deal, thank you for being there, I will read you more in the future.

I love my country. Shit, I never knew I cared so much.

Sorry about all the fucks dude....don't mean it...just pissed off..


Zeyad said...

I never said it was civil war anywhere. As a matter of fact, it has been my opinion that a low-grade civil war has been going on at least for the last year.

Sorry I don't see the good news you are talking about. Sadr's people and Association of Muslim Scholars having public smiling feel-good meetings and deciding to blame it all on the Americans, while they are the very same people fighting each other in the streets does not register as GOOD NEWS to me.

The news I'm translating are not just from the Iraqi Rabita website, I'm translating them from plenty of sources, including the Islamic party and AMS's websites (you know, the people you voted for).

I am of the opinion that the only way this thing will stop is to let the world know about what is happening, yes, and in detail. It may make you feel miserable, but I, for one, will not sit and watch while the government (and bloggers like you) tries to suppress news of what is really going on. We had that for 30 years and look where it got us.

Sorry, but that's my stand, kid.

I know you are pissed. I forgive you.

aNarki-13 said...

why you insult me?
do i insult you?

you just painted the situation a lot worse than i or zeyad ever did.

if you are angry, do not post. for it will degenerate your post into an anger-filled insult-spewing mass.

do not insult me again. if you enjoy it, i do not.

Konfused Kid said...

What is really going on? How can YOU verify that?

You give these facts as givens, when they are far from that.

All I'm saying is that while on your quest to unravel the truth, please show the good bits as well...

Konfused Kid said...

i apologized for my insult beforehand. right?

anyway...all I'm saying is stop the doom machine cuz that's NOT really what's going on.

BP said...

Guys calm down.

I agree with Zeyad. The situation is bad bad bad. I was among those who always underestimated how bad the situation in Iraq is. Someone who always buried his head in the sand and pretended that it's just a dark cloud that will eventually pass. Well, yes it will pass one day, but not after thousands will die and many more elections bringing the same Sadr/Hakim/Dari/Dulaimi faces.

Guys hear it from Cairo:

kos om el youm ele itshal feh saddam.

Anonymous said...

Quick questions from an American:

How do the different Iraqi groups feel about the possiblity of the Americans pulling out.

What would likely happen if the Americans pulled out?

Are the Americans doing any good there?

In many ways it seems Iraq has a core of moderate muslims, both Sunni and Shiite. Is this correct? Are Iraqis more moderate than other middle eastern countries?

What are the main groups jockeying for power right now in Iraq. Who are their backers?

Is there a growing universal hate of the terrorists and the wahabists?

Thanks for considering these questions. As an outsider its difficult to tell what exactly is going on there.


Anonymous said...

I know it's really hard there right now, but Iraqis helped invent math and justice. Every Iraqi with Internet access seems to blog as if he or she were Ernest Hemingway.

You Iraqis are just too smart to let stupid foreign people from the United States ("my" country) or Iran or Saudi Arabia goad you into having a stupid civil war.

I live in the United States. I grew up in a reasonably nice country that sometimes made dumb decisions, but now it's acting like the Evil Empire from Star Wars or the Shadows from Babylon 5. It's as if alien slugs have planted themselves in the heads of U.S. leaders and are making them do things that are terrible for Iraq and will eventually destroy the United States.

But, anyhow, people in Iraq must be smart enough to see that the U.S. government has gone insane and that anybody who wants to goad Iraqis into having a civil war is a miserable creep who just wants to create an excuse for the United States to stay in Iraq or some other country to join in invading it.

I wish I were smart enough to figure out how I could make the U.S. stop what it's doing to Iraq, but I just can't. I'm very sorry. I hope you get a chance some day to put Bush and everyone who helped him get the United States into this terrible war in prison somewhere for a long time.

Soldier's Dad said...

Zeyad has eaten the fruits of "NY Times Select", which is similar to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The term the "Big Apple" comes to mind, as well as the "Snake".

Konfused Kid said...

Dear Soldier's dad...


Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Ummmm, lol! Some peoples similies are rather colorful.

I think he means basically that Zeyad is writing what he thinks the NYT Times wants to hear.

Personally, like you, I think Zeyad is simply saying what he feels. Not everyone sees things the same way. You are both looking at the same thing and coming up with different views, thats all.

Konfused Kid said...

True, Zeyad's writings tend to be geared toward a certain prospect - I have learned a lot from him about what makes people tick, he truly deserves his audience.
And he reported all that negative crap with a true heart, what I didn't like about it is that he seemed to obscure or downplay any positive feedback - probably due to personal subliminal perspective, but still, it was mind-boggling...we needed hope, any kind of hope to ENCOURGAE the average people, because they were not yet touched with civil war - only militais and armed people were - and it could've gone either way depending on the atmosphere.
Right now, I think the gist of the crisis has passed though, I regret my tantrum but I think it was a very healthy one, u still mad at me ? 13? sorry...again...


Lynnette in Minnesota said...

I tried to help smooth things over with 13 for you Kid. Don't know if I helped or not. I hate to see friends fight.

pissed Iraqi said...

1300 Iraqis dead and you say people were not touched with civil war?? What kind of hope are you maniac talking about.

Konfused Kid said...

hey pissed, i understand and appreciate your sentimnet, but my point was that one should not give hope altogether from the first signs of death...1300? how about the thousands who have died throughout these past six months? death is nothing new, but it's up to us - THE PEOPLE - to decide whether we want to jump in on the civil war fun or not...and I strongly choose not to, at least, focus on the good bits, small though they might be (and I don't think so) before losing hope altogether.

Philip said...

Dear Konfused,
I'm a high school student in Washington State, United States of America. I've been following your blog and this is great stuff. I'm glad that the faith I have in Iraq's mirrored with your beliefs. Take care and keep it coming, you're a hit with the people at school.


Anonymous said...

We had a civil war along time ago and thousands died, but in the end we were stronger. I know it is hard but look at the good things that are happening, people of different sects praying together. With any luck at all most Iraqis will realize that they are the masters of their own destiny. You don't need the foreign fighters, or the US military. The Iraqi citizen has the ability to determine there own fate, you can have whatever kind of goverment that you will except. Remember, there is no good luck or bad luck there is only what we are willing to except, if people will only except freedom, peace and prosparity then their future is bright.

aliandra said...

To the anonymous moron who thinks the heads of American politicians are controlled by alien slugs;

The last thing the US wants is a civil war in Iraq. The US wants to get its troops out and a civil war would only delay that. As you know by now, Americans are getting tired of having the daily count of troop deaths on the news every night. They want their boys home.

They are also losing patience with the murderous antics of certain segment of Iraqis. It’s becoming questionable whether Iraqis will ever get their act together.

Jeffrey said...

Konfused Kid,

You've got a great blog. Your voice is important and over at Iraqi Bloggers Central we put you up on our blogroll and gave you a shout-out on our post for today.

Blog on!

Zeyad is also a fantastic blogger and that you two can now argue about events is a freedom that was not possible a few years ago.

I'm with you, Kid, and hope for the best.


Caesar of Pentra said...

Oh... hey you whiney ass! Stop that fight before it develops.
You know nothng but that glorious Iraq.

Read ma post to see how much cursed we are

Michael said...

I don't like Zeyad ever since he suggested that a young brave Marine who shot a terrorist stinker in Fallujah was a war criminal.

His posts however contain lots of hard information, which is why I stil read him.

Be that as it may, it strikes me that most of the Irai bloggers who get on some western newspapers' payroll end up at the wrong ones. Gaith Abdul Ahad and Salam Pax at a stinking rag like The Guardian, Zeyad himself at the New York Times. Notorious Assholes SuperDeLuxe, all the more ironic since Zeyad himself called them morons back in the time when this lady (was it al-Ali?) asked for an internet action to help out her cousin in Baghdad when the latter couldn't get to his property because of guards in the service of the NYT.

Why do they always end up at the wrong side?

Outlaw Mike/Belgium

Michael said...

Apart from that, I'm very sorry for those (few?) Iraqis of good will who have to endure all the turmoil.

Miss. Blue Eyes said...

Hey Confused Kid,

As an Iraqi living outside of Iraq, it is very confusing for me to know what is really going on in Iraq. I can not fully trust the world media. Reading the blogs of Iraqis like yourself in Iraq is only a glimpse of life in Iraq. I get sick sometimes too of only hearing the bad stuff that is going on. I appreciate your honesty as to how you feel. Thank you. I too, would like to hear about the good stuff that is going on. I firmly believe that there is some 'good' that is happenning in Iraq. I am an optimist and I do have high hopes for Iraq, but I am not expecting miracles to happen overnight. Ok there is SO much bad stuff, but lets be real, you cannot expect a country to be rebuilt in even a year or two, when for 35 years, it was slowly stripped of any good infrastructure. Iraq needs a people who desperately love their country, who have integrity, who choose to hope for a brighter future in the face of utter darkness, who value education, equality, freedom of speech, as well as freedom of religion. I love Iraq with all my heart. I am filled with grief over the Iraqis that die, but I refuse to give up hope. Under Sadam, people died innocently and no one knew, no one was allowed to talk about it. He left behind him a country full of division and strife. Today, people are still dying, and the whole world knows and we can all talk about it freely. In my humble opinion, this is a little but important step to freedom. Iraq has many enemies. Terrorists are terrorists. They will never help the situation. Let us pray for good leaders who are willing to do their best to make Iraq a better place. Do not give up hope.

Miss. Blue Eyes

Konfused Kid said...

No one knows what it's like
to be the bad man...
to be the sad man...
behind blue eyes...

that's a nice song, it's a shame that you aren't a man though!

anyway, your comments are all cherished, let us all hope for a better day, especially that my blog is on a rise now.

and people, you've been giving Zeyad too much stick...he don't desrve that, if any1 has succumbed to the evils of the garden, it would be me, not him.

More on this l8er, got college and a midterm tomorrow and i read like so many crap.

Dayez said...

You know you're on the wrong side when bigoted stalkers like Jeffrey and Outlaw Mike endorse you.

olivebranch said...

indeed I must agree with Dayez, except that I do not agree with "sides". To me I am on the same side as Outlaw Mike and Jeffrey - however fucking stupid some of their comments may be, and however selfish their motivations are.

They are trying to ease the tensions, just not doing a very good job.

Good post Kid. But your not the only Iraqi blogger who had these attitudes, others I spoke to had similar attitudes but hadn't posted about the situation at all.

I still want to chat, and I want you to write for the Olivebranch Network...I was hoping you would be interested in writing about life for college students in Iraq... is the Network address, talk to 13 and 24steps about me and the Network if you want to know about me...

email me!! :

or leave me a msg on my blog

Scott from Oregon said...

Truthfully, all this dialogue amongst Iraqi friends is a good thing. Death and war are emotional subjects worth getting heated up about....

There is no use in denying atrocities committed nor goodness ahieved.... Both will move you forward and hopefully, through this....

My apologies for the remarks made by Outlaw Mickey Mouse... (He doesn't know he's a cartoon, yet...)

An Italian. said...

Dear Kid,

I read your blog from early on.

Since this 'Olivebranch' made her (or his) crazy & idiotic comment ("I am on the same side as Outlaw Mike and Jeffrey"), I would strongly advice you not to have anything to do with her. Either she is so strongly disinformed as not to know anything at all (& so she is a waste of time), or she is a bit more mischievous than you believe.

Jeffrey Schuster, as everybody knows in the blogosphere, is a trollish rat, who hates all Arabs (and many others besides) with a vengeance (see his website, if you don't believe me); and he is the criminal vermin who was inciting the Iraqi Interior Ministry forces (yeah, those nice Badr Brigades) to kill Iraqi blogger Khalid J., while they were holding him a prisoner.
'Outlaw Michael' Cousyns is a member of a racist, neo-Nazi Flemish outfit founded in the Fifties by former officers of the (volunteer) Division of Flemish Waffen SS, the Vlaamse Blok; in November 2004 that ‘party’ was banned in Belgium (and reformed under a new name), whence his 'Outlaw' moniker.
Nice company to keep, indeed!

Be wise, and do follow the advice of Zeyad (& Dayez!).
On some basic things, it is better not to be too ‘Konfused’…

Randall said...

Best wishes for you..:)I like reading your blog,Keep up the posts.

snorky the fish said...

You are right Kiddo. I'm pissed too that this wimpy mentality is going around. It hurts all the good guys and puts everybody in more danger. Positive attitude is essential.
Zeyad and the like have been whining like neurotic Iraqi housewives. Get a grip and stop giving hope to the enemy! Where is your patriotism and unity! Life is unfair and never perfect......get real!

Zeyad's comment at the top is lame, oh please, you are busted. We got rid of Saddam, Uday and can't let this fantastic opportunity be lost, and the bigmouth pessimists are a waste of energy.
Very Best Wishes to Iraq,

Michael said...

'Outlaw Michael' Cousyns is a member of a racist, neo-Nazi Flemish outfit founded in the Fifties by former officers of the (volunteer) Division of Flemish Waffen SS, the Vlaamse Blok; in November 2004 that ‘party’ was banned in Belgium (and reformed under a new name), whence his 'Outlaw' moniker.

"An Italian" is a complete nutbag. I am indeed a member of Vlaams Belang, formerly known as Vlaams Blok. It was formed not in the fifties, but in 1977, with the main purpose to get equal rights for Flemings in Belgium, of which the establishment was always dominated by French-speaking Walloons.

Being a movement with a strong Flemish identity, the Vlaams Blok in the very beginning did indeed attract a number of former Flemish Waffen SS officers. But then also, one has to realize that the bulk of Flemish Waffen SS men joined because a.) they thought Flanders would get more autonomy under the Nazis and b.) many Flemish priests exhorted them to go fight the godless communism.

Be that as it may, today the VB is practically free of any unfresh elements. It has, throughout the years, become "clean" so to say.

Personally, I am no racist at all. Colour of skin is no issue to me. What counts in a person is decency, honesty, competence, loyalty, ethics, humanity, you name it.

As far as you are concerned, "An Italian", I take it you're a stinkin lefty. That means that if Benito Mussolini were still alive, He'd rather have a drink with you than with me.

Arsehole. Now sod off. You must be related to that cunt Sgrena. Or the two Simonas.

D.C. said...

Sweet Konfused Kid,

You won my heart. If you and your mother don't mind, I am adopting you as my new kid! You have a new home in Canada.
Your post impressed me, you have a great attitude. It is very difficult to see clearly what's good when things are tough. You do it well.

Saddam has his own civil war against his people, ripping family, friends and groups a part. What a relief that this one is gone, there are a few more to go, but still.

- Michael,
You , a racist!!!???
Jesus, An Italian might need a long vacation somewhere to relax, he seems stressed out.

An Italian. said...

Dear Kid,

Our bold Michael Cousyns states about himself:

"Personally, I am no racist at all. Colour of skin is no issue to me. What counts in a person is decency, honesty, competence, loyalty, ethics, humanity, you name it".

Well, do please ask Zeyad if what the 'Outlaw' says about himself (including the "decency, honesty, etc." bit) has any truth at all...

As for racism, it's useless to say that, just before being banned by Zeyad, this Flemish gentleman was ranting about a 'Western woman dismembered by the Iraqi Islamic terrorists in Fallujah'...
The corpse of a blond woman had been found in Fallujah, dismembered by an American bomb.
But, since she had been blond (and they imagine all them eeeevil Ay-rabs to be darker than Somalis), these verminous racists, including our 'Outlaw', just imagined that she must have been a Western hostage...

And I'm happy that from now on you'll be able to evaluate how much this 'D.C.', as well, is reliable in what he/she says, and a friend to Iraqis...

D.C. said...

Oh! mon Dieu, que faire?
This D.C. can't believe the words of this Italian. Is that what you do in blogs, spit on the readers who think differently from you? That is not exactly friendly, open or tolerant...

After reading some observations, one doubts that you care much for what many bloggers around the world have been doing in support of Iraq. Per example, you probably won't give a damm if you saw the paintings done (full time, no pay) on the mass graves in Iraq; mass graves holding many thousands cruelly filled by Saddam Hussein. People crying holding the remains of their disappeared loved ones who had suffered terrible trauma before expiring; often in exteme pain during or after torture. You will probably make an equivalence with the ugly abuse that took place at Abu Ghraib under the US. Your personal homepage demonstrate it well. Did you know that Abu Garib was worst with Saddam? Are you one of those who miss Saddam or perhaps just indulging in the fashionable hatred for the US/Jews more than supporting freedom for entire nations? I can't say.

One of my dearest friend lost 13 members of her family under Hussein, she was happy the day he fell. But that would not count, right? The huge death toll during some 30 years of saddistic regime would be just a statistic to you. If this is true, it is very sad.

We don't need to agree to show one another a minimum of respect. I have friends from left and right, for or against the military intervention in Iraq and we get along. Can you say the same about yourself?


An Italian. said...

@ Diane Carrère, 7:26 PM.

Dear Diane (of the Jeffrey Schuster/ 'Iraqi Bloggers Central' stable, LOL! Great friends to the Iraqis and the Arabs in general, indeed!),

I just objected to your denial that our 'friend', the 'Outlaw Mike', is a racist.

His party, the Vlaamse Blok, was outlawed by the Belgian Supreme Court in November 2004 for being... imagine what... imagine what?
(Yes, indeed, it was founded in the Seventies, not the Fifties, sorry for the mistake).

As for yourself, dear renegade Canadian, rather than 'caring' about the crimes of Saddam (who is just history!), I would worry about the crimes of the (US sponsored) 'Iraqi Security Forces' of the Iraqi Interior Ministry, i.e. the Badr Brigades and other lovely fundamentalist Shiite militias.

"Abu Ghraib was worst with Saddam" than with those US perverts, no doubt. But I do not think that you would prefer to be kidnapped, flayed alive, holed through with an electric drill, and then strangled by these wonderful sectarian militias rather than by Saddam's Mukhabarat... am I wrong?

And these one hundred little 'purple-fingered' Saddams came to power thanks to the demential and criminal US invasion... 'fweedom & democwacy' indeed!

As for your rather hypocritical homily ("to show one another a minimum of respect"), why don't you tell that to your lovely pal, the sewer rat Jeffrey Schuster (and to your other pals in the comments pages to 'Iraq The Minion')?

Bon matin, Diane.

D.C. said...

Argue with Jeff and Mike if you want, but this, here, is between you and me. I suspect it is useless to reply to you, you are not willing to open your mind, nevertheless, here we go, one last:

Saddam used fear as the way to run the place, his 23 palaces and he raised his monstrous kids to do it even better than himself, read his bio, he loved Stalin. His bio is far more interesting than mine! ;-) You came to my site and I can tell your are not in Italy... but don't worry, I won't advertise your info, not my style.

Ask our host and his family if Saddam is just history. But don't ask your friends, the Jarrar, all though they probably hated and feared Saddam like all, they were extremely prosperous in Saddam's time, so obviously they miss the good life and prestige even if it meant atrocious nightmares for the majority of Iraqis.
His trial is not over yet and the marks of his brutality are still VERY present in the Iraqi consciousness. He did not only killed but forced others to kill for him or else. Adults and kids packed in buses were buried alive in sand pits, entire villages were poisoned. All this was an national institution. Sons and daughters were raped, parents were killed in front of their kids. That took place just a few years ago. Ask Shiites and Kurds and Sunnis and the Jews who had to all flee. Go talk with Omar and Mohammed at ITM, with Hammorabi or Ays. You know what they will say.
Obviously you have not seen human sufferance from close enough. Perhaps you would rather be impaled with a dusty metal rod, hung up side down and have your tests electrocuted, or sodomized with broken bottles for not carrying your papers, or have a nice hot acid bath, have your arms shopped, go through a tree shredder, or watch your wife being raped or even being force to do it to your own brother or else. You will tell these are made up stories, right?

You seem to be stuck in history indeed with your obsession on Vlaamse Blok. Last time I check during the Holocaust, Italians were on Hitler's side, or was it just Italy? But this is all history. Right.

Where is your name? Are you afraid to let the world know your identity, can you not stand tall with your opinions if you are proud of them? If you are looking for hypocrisy, look in your own soul.

Enjoy your cappuccino cher!


Sorry Konfused Kid, but my new found "Italian" comrade needs a reality check and to learn his manners

An Italian. said...

Dear Kid,

you truly got bad company on this post, as Zeyad said!

Here we have the renegade Canadian Diane (5:48 AM), the pal of Jeffrey, ranting on mindlessly.

The woman is, of course, a liar (see her "You came to my site and I can tell your are not in Italy... ". When did I come to your site, silly Diane?).

And she goes on endlessly about Saddam.
Oh brainless and hypocrite Diane, fuck Saddam! His regime is GONE, mere history!

Who, instead, are the torturers secular, patriotic Iraqis have to fear NOW?

The American-installed, 'purple-fingered' death squads of the Interior Ministry and of the Shiite fundie militias.

It is this silly Diane who needs a considerable "reality check"!

Konfused Kid said...

Dear D.C. and Italian...

Thank you both for your esteemed contribtution, you both have different points of view but frankly I see that this is developing more and more into a schoolyard brawl...stop the silliness, if anything...
In other words, please shut the fuck up. ;)

Diane, thank you for your sweetness, I was really glad by your remark.

DC Peaches said...

you are really good at believing. Maybe if I practiced really hard when I growed up I kould believe as much as you.

-It's called denial. You almost showed remorse for your tantrum. That's more than I would expect from most bloggers. But, then you hit into Zeyad about him having mind games or something...not that fair but it seems to be a transgression that you're good at.

If I follow my dreams, what my deepest dream says, maybe......I want to beeleeive!!!!!

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