Saturday, December 09, 2006

Iraqi Civil War Videogame

Aren't Iraqis tired of dying every day by the dozens due to some politician's bad hair day? while the politicians safely determine their destinies in trivial games behind safe castles? Why don't we have it otherwise for a change?
live your dream, pit all these politicians in a single stage and have them for their life a horrific mess of blood, guts, and democracy.

Initial roster
Versus Screen

*Adnan al-Dilaymi:

Teatime Friendship: Adnan al-Dilyami's head starts banging back and forth, until steam flows out from his tiny little sidara (hat), he and the opponent sit down to drink tea.

I Forgot To Switch My Phone Off: if you're Abu Dera'a, you can execute this special finish on Dilaymi, simply stand to the far off corner, Adnan al-Dilaymi will stand in a defiant tone, saying: "We are Ahul al-Sunna!", Abu Der'a in typical Sadr City crookedness whips out his mobile phone and calls al-Dilaymi's, his phone starts ringing, he's caught off guard, and has little time to shout before his head starts to rock too, eventually he explodes.

al-Hakim (Baqir):
Self-flagellation fatality: X,X,B,B,C (mid) - al-Hakim will recite a maqtal and self-flagellate, eventually exploding, the green words 'Ya Hossein', appears, while Bassim al-Karbalie sings 'Salla Aaleeka Maleek al-Sama'a'.

al-Hakim (Aziz):
Horrible Medusa: At the Snake Pit, al-Hakim is particualry strong, hold all buttons and release them near ur opponent, al-Hakim will uncover his head and will reveal a hair made of snakes. al-Hakim's body begins to flow snakes all through his robe, who eventually engulf the opponent.

Muqtada al-Sadr:
The Hidden Imam Plays Soccer : Muqtada will use al-Mahdi's power to roll into a giant soccer ball that crushes the opponent.

Habibi: Muqtada will assume a speaker stance, after a few incoherent sentences stuck together by the word Habibi, the opponent will die of laughter. Mahdi's army theme song will play afterwards (Yelagoona lo beehum Zod).

Finish the game will all the players to unlock Abu Der'a.

Unlock Solagh: at the title screen, type: "DRILL".
Unlock Mashhadani: Choose Harith al-Dhari, and beat all the Shiite candidates 12 times (not each), return to the title screen, choose the password menu, the shoe icon will be active, click it, and voila, Mahmood al-Mashhadani.
Saddam Hussein has an alternate 'Baathist' costume, find all the underwear in the laundry level to unlock it.

*add-ins will include Donald Rumsfeld, Iyad Allawi and Mahmood Ahmedinijad.
1. Bush's Lair
2. al-Askari Shrines
3. Sadr City
4. Abu Haneefa
5. Saddam's Republican Guard
6. al-Mashhadani's Lair (Iraqi Assembly Hall for the uninitiated) (Chairs are usable)
other fictional arenas.

This is one of many abandoned projects of mine, it's a mod for Mortal Kombat that enables you to play with Iraqi politicians, it got halted because I need either a good artist to draw look-alikes or actors who closely resemble the intended personalities, and I couldn't find any. It'd be cool if someone could give me a hand though...


Marshmallow26 said...

Interesting and marvilous.

Marshmallow26 said...

By the way KID,

You could add Mish3an eljobori's picture!! LOL

Jon in Maryland said...

Love it, Kid! You're becoming William Burroughs for the X-Box generation.

Jon in Maryland said...

Love it, Kid! You're becoming William Burroughs for the X-Box generation.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...


I loved it!

Anonymous said...

wonderfull, hilarious.

Take Marshmallow36's advice and add al jeboory to the clan :D

attawie said...

Yeah, add al jeboori and what about Talabani? and many others?

Liked it.
take care
and see you soon

Matt said...

I was about to say it sounded exactly like Mortal Combat. Good stuff.

Bruno said...

Sounds hilarious ... in a black humour way, of course.

Marshmallow26 said...

Mix Max, hahah you made me 36!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Marsh, sorry, typo :) allahyen6eech 6ool il umur

sink sink socks said...

It isespecially in the longer and more complicated dream-plots that signs ofincoherence are seldom missing.

Michomeme said...

wow wow wow....thats cool

how u doing KId??

how is life with you?

Anonymous said...

Amusing. You can't forget Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. His character should be able to take the form of any of the radical Shiite politicians like Sadr and use their powers. Similarly, you could also have Bin Laden whose power is to take the form of any of the radical Sunni politicans.

annie said...

kid unleashed once again!

you amaze me time after time, love it.

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