Friday, April 13, 2007

Sarafiya Bridge

Yes, I'm angry, no time to be suave anymore. al-Sarafiya bridge is demolished. This is exorcism of some demons. not a real post, if u don't like it, fuck you.

Before I heard of what happened, I was watching an interview with a very disturbed individual, Mr. Mohammed al-Faydhi, the reason is that he is very disturbed is that he represents the Association of Muslim Armed Cars, better known as Muslim Scholars.
Some people get their fix when they bash America, but that's getting kinda stale in my opinion, and others just love throwing their feces eastward at the yellow-winds of the Persian Saffavids, but my personal venegance is against those fucking assholes who still shout those empty slogans such as 'Resistance', or 'Jihad'. Very arrogant, stubborn people without any vision for the future, all they care about is 'getting the occupation what', and then what? then what you motherfucker?!? THen what Khalid Jarrar?!? then what? The reason I was getting my teeth together was his explanation for the Muslim Gays position on al-Qaeda.

"Our position is clear, we support everyone who is against the American occupation but we condemn all the murders of innocent Iraqis, al-Qaeda entered at the beginning and did some very honourable deeds against the Americans, but afterwards they were infiltrated by people who began targeting innocent Iraqis."

Koss Ummak Ya Ibn al Sharmoota. So if a person kills 100 Iraqis and then kills 1 American then he should be lauded, this is the same reasoning which I used to hear from the Badrists and the Sadrists back in the day. Oh Yes, we are good people with honest deeds but we are infiltrated by some minority that does not represent us, as we represent the will of the Iraqi people. then do something about it, you Dickless Diaperhead...I just wish that you all will join the fate of that sadistic motherfucker right now where they're piling the molten lava that they could muster in his glorious netherend in the nether-realm.
And then a friend came and told me about Sarafiya Bridge - and as I saw the picture of that great strucutre on which I tread upon many days of my life, I just couldn't take it anymore. I'm really afraid of what might happen if structures I really care such as Imam Ali in Najaf or Abu Haneefa in Adhamiya are destroyed, now I can understand how Shiites felt when al-Askari was destoryed, it's horrible, just horrible i tell you, I pictured myself wearning the same armed belt, the same grenades and going around here to find where the fuck does that sick fuck Harith al-Dhari lives so I can just give him the taste of his medicine once and FOR ALL. What use is us? All we do is just sit around and do nothing as our country is destroyed by those pigs, those monkeys, those apes, Remember why I was so pissed off about that Star Academy bimbo? Because when al-Askari shrine happened I was really optimistic about the Sunnis and Shiite finally proving to the world that it doesn't matter like I always thought it doesn't, I was optimistic about all the joint prayers and I cursed fellow bloggers but then again I was proven how little do I know! So when I watched those 7 million asses voting and lauding it as some big deal I get a serene sense of Deja Vu, Fuck you Shada Hasson and fuck all the gay 7 million Iraqis who think you mean something...I'm beyond hate, beyond insanity now, beyond everything.


Iraqi Mojo said...

Damn, Kid, you're pissed. I can understand. The terrorists don't give a shit about Iraqi unity, never have.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't take it out on the gays!

Love to you all from
--Tilli (Mojave Desert)

aNarki-13 said...

try to calm down a notch kiddo. we all feel it.

MixMax said...

Hey Kid, I feel what you feel, and the sorrow I have of what happened yesterday in particular is beyond belief. They are wiping out our identity through this. A bridge is a bridge but the meaning of that bridge to us is what they targeted and managed to destroy. Keep your faith in yourself and don't lose hope.
One thing for sure, don't expect hope from any of those with white or green turbans or those with suits walking around in the parilemant.

A&Eiraqi said...

calm down kid
I absolutely agree with Mixmax and I really feel what you feel but the thing is I'm unable to compete you in swearing as you're so fast and fluent.

No one can justify crimes by feeling sorry for innocents.
If someone is against killing innocents that means he should be against resistance or whatever it's called because they could kill 3000 Americans but the price was destorying the whole country and creating all the horror and violence.

the bridge was not only a bridge , it was a symbole, I agree that now we can feel how shiites felt when the shrine of Sammaraa was destroyed , it's not about bricks, it's about our herritage.

Yet, it won't be the ;last time we should expect something worse.

Take care

Bruno said...

Just don't get yourself killed, whatever you do.

Anonymous said...

i've been readin ur blog for a while now, and i always want to comment, but im always left speechless..
I feel what you feel...perhaps maybe not as much..but i feel ur pain man...

"my personal venegance is against those fucking assholes who still shout those empty slogans such as 'Resistance', or 'Jihad'. Very arrogant, stubborn people without any vision for the future, all they care about is 'getting the occupation what', and then what? "

i completely agree with that statement...
all people care about at the moment in Iraq is ... are Sunnis gonna rule or are shi'ites gonna rule...and there is no reason for it...i don't understand this religious conflict...this is muslims biggest sin..the separation, the sects. and the creation of sects can maybe be justifyed, but fighting your own muslim brothers and sisters for power...this is something those "muslims" can never justify. I dont know how it doesn't break their hearts to see the country falling to pieces, they bomb and kill the time they get what they want [if ever] what will be left? The people will be gone, the sceneries will be Gone, the cultural heritage..Iraq will be hole..gone forever.
It breaks my heart to see my country and my people suffering like really breaks my heart.
But please don't loose's the only thing keeping me going. Inshallah people like you will be the future of Iraq..and im makin it my goal to be up there too.
Inshallah what the true people of iraq want will happen...unity + peace.



Little Penguin said...

As odd as it may sound, I have this belief that every bit of Iraq is divinely chosen to be there.. Iraq is piece of Earth that the heavens has chosen from all other bits, to be the resting place of many many prophets, messengers and Imams.. so those bricks aren't just any bricks.. the bridge isn't just another bridge.. they're priceless treasures of this mother of lands..

Kid, it's been said and i'll say it again.. if it weren't for people like you, if it weren't for these kind of mentalities to get some exposure thanks to the internet - iraq would have a very unlikely chance of getting anywhere.. those bastards will have no mercy on us or our land..

Previous comments are refreshing.. my pride of being Iraqi grows by the day.. so does my hope for the country's future.

Nadia said...

Kid what ever you do please stay safe we need you to be here with us!

I was so angry when I heard the news too. When will it end?

I'am not sure if you have read my solutions for Iraq but please read them all of you, come up with more suggestions. WE NEED SOLUTIONS. And having more military attacks will not work, none of us here or in Iraq has a god given gift to know who is guilty and who is not. That is why we need to demand a shift in actions from military to politics on all levels. Please all of us lets focus on solutions, print it all out on your blogs and get the message out! Please, we can all sit here and talk about who attacked who and who said what for 10 years to come and nothing would have changed. Solutions are needed and it is time for PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS.

Iraqis I love you, I realy do and we must stick together.


RhusLancia said...

nadia: "WE NEED SOLUTIONS. And having more military attacks will not work, none of us here or in Iraq has a god given gift to know who is guilty and who is not. That is why we need to demand a shift in actions from military to politics on all levels. Please all of us lets focus on solutions, print it all out on your blogs and get the message out!"

Hold your nose and back Maliki. He's what you have right now, in 2009 you can change him (sooner if I had my way). But for now, run what ya brung. That's one of the most important things you can do.

nadia n said...

Hey, don't take it out on the gays!


otherwise this post is tight.

oh and your cussing skills have gotten much better.

Anonymous said...

he's gone a notch up.. arabic cusses in enlish.. way to go Kid!

Allah kareem

Anonymous said...

Hi Kid,

Take it easy man. I add my voice to all the others above who r telling u the same thing.

& about Shatha Hassoun, FYI, the Islamists in Iraq & their admirers are pissed off to see her not them, win all these voices. Why? Bcs they felt what the votes meant >> That Iraqis didn't vote for her as much as they voted for life, modernity & the UNITY of Iraq through her way of holding the Iraqi flag.
All the analysis around the winning of Shatha went towards the symbolic of the massive voting of Iraqis (they were united in that at least) & many other Arabs incl. Saudis to her. Do u really think that the last demos in Iraq with the flags came out of nothing?? It didn't even miss Muqtada's eye when he called for the demo with this flag thing.

Yes & we r all angry for the demolition of the Sarrafiyya bridge & u r NOT the only one who walked it on foot many times. I even remember things I read carved with knives on the iron pillars before they were painted a very long time ago.

So don't let your anger veil your reason. This is exactly NOT the way things should be weight.

Kind regards,

Hakbar said...

Arabs are paying a high price for their anti-Americanism. I wish the Sunni’s much luck in their Talibanistan and the Shiites in their new Iran. After all, in the long run ayatollahs taking power in Iran was good for Western popularity.

Allah was very farsighted:
Qur'an 9:97 "The Arabs of the desert are the worst in unbelief and hypocrisy, and most fitted to be in ignorance of the command which Allah hath sent down to His Messenger."
This one explains it all:
Qur'an:8:39 "So, fight them till all opposition ends and the only religion is Islam."

Anastasia said...

:( don't go all emo on us, kid! *hugs*

3eeraqimedic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott from Oregon said...

Right now the US is teetering on leaving Iraq.

The will of the AMerican people is pressuring government to get the fuck out and let Iraqis take care of their own affairs.

The more attacks that occur, the more this administration can claim we need to stay. So the "attackers" are simply asking for the US to stay with all of this violence.

If the violence stops, the US would leave.

If the violence doesn't stop, the US will try to get itself out in '08.

All of this points to the onus being on Iraqis to do something to shore up their own damn country.

I feel sorry for you kid. You've got some nutjobbers running around in your country, who shouldn't be running around anywhere.

Be safe, man...

Anastasia said...

lol, nutjobbers-- we do too.

Don Cox said...

Sympathy about the bridge. More sympathy about the people being killed or injured every day. This has got to stop.

But I see that in Algeria, where we thought it had stopped, the attacks have started again. The outlook is dark.

I see no real hope except for the Iraqi army, and that is still at an early stage of training.

Hakbar said...

The Talisman Gate has some interesting articles about the insurgency. Frequent readers of the Talisman Gate get a clear view of the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. Insurgencies take on average 11 years to end, but there are some hopeful signs.

“Initially, Zarqawi's strategy worked very well, and it almost brought Iraq to the verge of an all-out civil war that would have pushed the Sunnis to submit to Al Qaeda as their only protectors. But something else happened that rendered his approach as yet another strategic mistake: The Sunnis realized that Al Qaeda wasn't strong enough to beat back a full Shiite assault — the group couldn't even protect Sunni communities from Shiite death squads — and that Al Qaeda's vision for reestablishing the caliphate would mean decades of unending warfare. Most Sunnis thus fell in with the crowd that counseled finding a negotiated settlement with the Americans and the Iraqi government — this time, at whatever cost. After four years of this insurgency, the Sunnis have grown weary and tired, and they want to move on.

But that is something that Al Qaeda would not brook, and it set out to force the other jihadist groups to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and to al-Baghdadi himself, or else. Almost everyone balked at this threat, and sharp words were exchanged among them on the streets of the Sunni triangle and on jihadist Internet discussion forums, and then a bloodbath ensued. Things have deteriorated to the point where these other jihadist groups have begun informing on the whereabouts of Al Qaeda's leaders and local headquarters to the Iraqi government, so that American and Iraqi forces could raid these locations and arrest those who only recently were fellow insurgents of the guys now snitching.

There is no greater joy for someone who cares about Iraq than to watch Al Qaeda and these other jihadist groups go at each other with the bloodthirsty abandon and frenzy that only crazed zealots can muster. The bloodletting has gone far beyond the point of any possible reconciliation, for Al Qaeda must destroy all the others in order to survive, and ditto for the others as they face down Al Qaeda. It has turned into an all-or-nothing fight among the most dangerous insurgents, and it is heartening to see them engaged and distracted in destroying each other.”

“Iraq is succeeding because the Iraqi state has weathered the worst of the insurgent storm and survived, and because the Sunni insurgency is fatigued. "What about all the bodies? What about all the bombings?" Indeed, it's the worst it has been, but not the worst it can be. I see many hopeful signs that cannot be dismissed. To me, the numbers of the dead — painful as they are — are not as critically dangerous as a much talked about shift in American strategy away from the goal of securing a democratic Iraq.

Insurgencies are about perceptions, not about hard facts on the ground. Usually, insurgents try to present their goals as noble, hoping to win over the population. Historically, insurgencies had only two options: overturning weakening regimes or being methodically stamped out. Modern times afford modern insurgencies another option: They have an unprecedented chance to mold global perceptions. The insurgents in Iraq have given up on winning over the Iraqi people. No righteous cause can justify the senseless murder of elderly women out to buy some groceries, not even to the most gullible or cynical of audiences. Rather, the insurgents have other goals in Iraq: They seek to create an atmosphere of terror where even the most mundane acts of life are paralyzed. They don't fight for victory. They fight to make the other side "feel" defeated. Public sentiment in Iraq is superfluous to the insurgents, whereas American opinion polls matter plenty. Should they succeed in making Washington waiver, then it would be a massive breakthrough in the business of terror.

Imagine how the battle of Stalingrad would have been covered by today's press and broadcast enterprises. The Russians ended up executing 14,000 of their own for desertion. About 50,000 Soviet citizens fought alongside the Nazis. Civilians continued to live in this most ferocious of war zones. A lot of negative spin could have been generated to weaken Russian resolve, at a time when the Stalinist regime deserved to be bad-mouthed. But even evil is relative, and it was clear who should have won and did indeed win.”


Anastasia said...

I nominated Kid for best political blog on Go to:

to vote.

Anonymous said...

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...

Anonymous said...

So the partitioning of Baghdad has started? Herding the cattle into the pens? Who gains? Who gains?
I dare say that question won't be asked (or answered.) It will be interesting to see which will be the next area partitioned off.

Anonymous said...

Join the Iraqi Army or get a job as an interpreter for the U.S. forces. Either way, you'd make a huge contribution to clearing up the crap going on in your country.

Anonymous said...

I kinda envy you for having so many memories in Baghdad :"(

I barely remember the area around our house.

Bruno said...

[anon] "Join the Iraqi Army or get a job as an interpreter for the U.S. forces."

Those are dead-end jobs if I ever saw any. Literally.

Anonymous said...

I read your weblog from Tehran, maybe we can not feel what you feel but as a neighbor and a brother to another moslem brother i hint you to this part of quran that says: nasr o men allah va fat-hon might not be for our generation but peace will come to your country god willing and those al qaeda animals and yanki pigs will be out of iraq soon might not believe it but we have our own big problems in our own country with this monkey boy, Ahmadinejad, we all have head aches and problems in our lives and all we can do is wait and hope for allah's mercy. our hearts are with you, brothers and sisters of iraq, suni or shia, arab or kurd, god will be with your nation inshaallah

Anonymous said...

I read your weblog from Tehran, maybe we can not feel what you feel but as a neighbor and a brother to another moslem brother i hint you to this part of quran that says: nasr o men allah va fat-hon might not be for our generation but peace will come to your country god willing and those al qaeda animals and yanki pigs will be out of iraq soon might not believe it but we have our own big problems in our own country with this monkey boy, Ahmadinejad, we all have head aches and problems in our lives and all we can do is wait and hope for allah's mercy. our hearts are with you, brothers and sisters of iraq, suni or shia, arab or kurd, god will be with your nation inshaallah

Anonymous said...

I read your weblog from Tehran, maybe we can not feel what you feel but as a neighbor and a brother to another moslem brother i hint you to this part of quran that says: nasr o men allah va fat-hon might not be for our generation but peace will come to your country god willing and those al qaeda animals and yanki pigs will be out of iraq soon might not believe it but we have our own big problems in our own country with this monkey boy, Ahmadinejad, we all have head aches and problems in our lives and all we can do is wait and hope for allah's mercy. our hearts are with you, brothers and sisters of iraq, suni or shia, arab or kurd, god will be with your nation inshaallah

Decline and Fall said...

This post pains me in ways that I didn't expect. Your anger and your honesty are stark reminders of what this war is all about: Iraqis, who are just trying to live your lives and survive these horrible times. Thank you for letting it out, but please don't let it destroy you.

observor said...


somehow the sarafiyia bridge demolision seems (in my opinion) like one hell of a BIG job 4 retarded Alqaeda.

did anybody see it? as in really see it? its in the river..
that bridge has been through the fire and still made it. How could just one truck filled with explosives destroy it completely and leave the remains in the river??? doesnt make sense to me.

other than that although its hard, contain your anger, it aint gonna get you anywhere dude.

Steve P in Canada said...

I am greatly saddened with the losses of your people and sentimental structures and all the rest. I am heartened to hear you are angry, and hopefully at the ones truly and directly responsible for these outrages. I hope you can turn that anger into strength. The bridge can be rebuilt, and I hope it will be swiftly. Like poking a stick into the eyes of those who can only destroy and kill. Let them not destroy your spirit.

I hope more than anything that the Iraqi people will unite together against the Jihadis. Stand up and say Get the F**k out of here. Have a parade demonstrating that moderate secular muslems do exist and they want to be free. Where are they, the silent ones? Speak up! Give hope and proof to the doubters of the world that there is a chance that there can be peace and some form of (Iraqi)representative gov't in the ME. Not just senseless war and destruction. Rise up with an unmistakable voice for peace and human rights. Religeous zealots have no place in Government.

More people in the USA and other coutries' will reach out their hand to help you if the message is sincere and unmistakable.

Some seem incapable of discering the good guys from the bad guys. It should be obvious.

I'm sure I can't really imagine what it's like standing in your shoes, but I can say how it looks from here. There does seem to be some hope yet. The world is watching. I beleive all our lives depend on what happens there.

So good luck and stay safe!

Kitten said...

anger is not the solution...

Konfused Kid said...

I agree Kitten, but it's not love either.

zmanutdz said...

Konfused Kid,

Feel your pain and I am giving up hope in ' Iraqi ' people with every bomb/murder/killing I hear about.

And for Harith Al-Dhari, I think he will feel lonely in hell, the other extremists need grenades up their arses as well.

F*** them all

Kitten said...

oh im not saying love them! no chance! but by being so angry..u will achieve nothing apart from hurting urself...

anger is destructive...maybe its not my place to tell u this...but try to control it (lol who am i to talk? i have a major anger issue too...)

and yeh im iraqi...

Anonymous said...

Fabulous blog! Let the pain flow out in words!

Keep up the great work!

God bless,
Bill Corrigan
Long Island, NY

Tom Villars said...

Kidd, there are generally three types of people in the world:


Obviously the assholes who blew up the bridge have decided to be wolfs. The question for you is which of the three are you going to be?

onix said...

trying to make sense of 18 april,
I must say i lost oversight. No clue what went of or why.(give me a break: all sides would have started an offensive 18 april?)
worse: just because they finally managed to cheat operation baghdad?? come on.

observor notes us how the bridge got very professionally demolished.
That is true, even precission bombing wouldn't do better.
This truck would have been under , not on, the bridge one thinks.
At least that is my guess.

Still.. its only a bridge. i hate these attacks on markets more.
I am aware that the nr of victims in irak is higher then we are been acknowledged. But then it stops makes sense. Why would the local population escalate the violence?

i have no answer, and i even think they would not. So what i end up pointing at is: the blood in wich irak is covered seems the only excuse for the nato to stay. It gets me scared, because how can usual people stop this?

It seems there will always be interests that want the nato in irak. In that sense, i regard maliki shortsighted.
Just this week the EU declared how turkey would have to wait for another 10 years before joining eu. How can he expect that culture will respect irak? Its not that they have such tolerant intentions with their socalled friends..(turkey).

In the second worldwar, many dutch cooperated with the nazis, especially 97% of the goverment officials and burocrats.
A prime motivation of theirs was:
These guys have the power, are in authority now. so lets just help them and hope it gets better,
in 5 , 10 or more years. These people are not considered heros.
Guilty as they were of the persecution.

Just like here, in irak that is probs the real content of people. In that sense, you might help Maliki, as soon as he forfills the 3 percent criterium. If he is part of the 97% that actually don't stand anywhere and mostly do what they are told, the 3% that realise this are obliged to resist. You cannot ask the 3% of people that are incorruptable to support whatever repressive system.

Malikis aproach has the looks of repression, at least in my eyes. 300000 - 500000 irakis pressed into security/police service, severely compromising their safety.. it doesn't bode well.
(100000 electricians would be more usefull)

I already know for years we need to find a solution for all this security servicing after yet another occupation. To give an example, you bet the new government of somalia is favourably involved in setting up
'security services'. They just haven't thought of anything else to 'stabilise' an occupied territory.

Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with you, but I'm with you on this one, 100%.

I wished every Iraqi could read, esp. the so-called scholars!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the priest telling me when I went to Confession when I was a kid, "Well, Lance, it was wrong of you to disobey your mom and talk back to her like that, but since you set the table every night and do your homework and sent your aunt a birthday card, what the heck! You're a good kid. Your sins are forgiven automatically. No need for you to do any penance." 文秘 心脑血管 糖尿病 高血压 糖尿病 高血脂 冠心病 心律失常 心肌病 心肌炎 中风 低血糖 胰岛素 血糖仪 胰岛素泵 And maybe it's happened a few times and I haven't heard about it but I can't recall a judge ever letting somebody walk on the grounds the crook was a good guy and his friends really like him.

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