Thursday, April 26, 2007

Satricial Iraq Statistics

I have found a great Arabic Wiki called Beidipedia (lit. Eggepedia) about the Middle East in general but is predominantly focused upon Iraq, its approach is to present satricial items in the traditional neutral news/encyclopedia approach a la The Onion. Their entry for Saddam Hussein is largely comprised of the blog post I wrote about him a while ago in Arabic (they even added the bits I wrote by myself about (Imam Izzat al-Abid) whoever you are, thank you), I've added to the few sites I list on the sidebar, which I consider as must-reads. I have also added the WikiIraq site which aims at being a more traditional source about all things Iraqi.
This is from their entry about Iraq (abridged):

Anthem: By Blood, By Soul, We Protect The Green Zone
Population: 25 million - (1 million x (this year - 2004))
Militas: None
Police: Local, National, International, Border, Baghdad Thieves Organization
Administrative Divisions: Sistanistan, Mes'oodistan, Armedcarstan
Constitution: Descended by Bremer and believed in by Iraqis
Capital: Erbil, Falluja, Najaf
Language: Disputed
The majority of Iraqis are Shiite by 100%, the rest are Sunnis (apx. 100%), and there are other majorites such as Kurds and Kuldo-Assyrian-Syrian-Canaanines who follow Shafi'a Christian beliefs.
History: Iraq is the cradle of civillization, and Shish Kebab, and also have produced several prominent torture techniques against enemies of the prophet's household Nawasib and the grandchildren of al-Alqami Rawafidh, the latter prefer to use electric drills while Nawasibs prefer halal slaughter. Some of the most prominent historical and cultural practices of Iraqis include:

* Applauding Americans
* Applauding tryants
* Sending armed cars to their neighbors, breaking the world record consecutively in that category
*Voting in StarAcademy
*Insisting upon the unity of Sunnis and Shiites

The tone of the site varies from all-out satire such as the above and more elaborate commentary, it rigorously defends the famous Iraqi singer Saadi El Hilli against the barrage of homosexual jokes involving him for 20 years now, nevertheless, the site is steeped in pessimism against everything in the Arab world, my cup of tea and my kind of thing indeed. Great read, great site, i'm in heavens right now.

UPDATE (10 mintes later):
I can't stop laughing, tears are flowing down my eyes, if you can read Arabic, then this is a must, the entry about al-Hajajj was hilarious!


zmanutdz said...

This is too funny, kid. Thanks for sharing.

Ra3d said...

i checked & it turns to be one of the funniest. i like it. thnx for sharing

sentientdevice said...

Hey thanks for the shish kabobs...

good luck with everything else...

...I'm convinced that SOME day things will get better... regardless of what happens in the near future...

There is that saying... "its always darkest before the dawn."

Hopefully your sunrise will be the most beautiful.

I think people are changing more and choosing not to remain so ignorant... when this war started... oh goodness... it was terrible... some people are such morons to think and say the things they do... and to let these thoughts and feelings carry them onwards to war...

but I don't ever ever hear any of that anymore... because I think people are starting to look at where their ignorance has gotten them and everyone else too... At least they are finally being forced to THINK about their actions and mindset...

I hope rational minds will prevail...

I really don't put much faith in people because they have some sort of title or position... but I think if enough people put their minds and hearts into it... eventually something better can be created...

Where do you think things should go from here?

I'm sure there are so many different positions... but since I am not an Iraqi how can I possibly understand???

cile said...

now, this is what i'd call creative atttempts for other looks on nasty situations! :) am very glad you have fun with it!
[and yes, i do escapes to The Onion every now and then, for good laughs!]

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

I loved it, Kid. You should do some more translations for us. :)

commentor said...

The website is focused on Iraq because the guy who's taken charge of it is Iraqi. I took the liberty of copying your post into the article because to be honest the article just wasn't funny before.

Check back through the "history" of the علي بن أبي طالب article for a version I wrote for it after getting kicked off of a Shi'a web forum. It got edited beyond recognition cuz I guess it was deemed too offensive (justifiably so).

You should set up an account and edit there yourself.

Anastasia said...

You should do one for America.

EXzombie said...

I'm working on the USA, but the page on Kuwait is extremely offinsive, I'm tempted to change it, since no one can stop from doing so.....!!!

Anonymous said...

omg I'm reading the article about the ass it's sooooo funny!!!! but so dirty too .. heh (well that's what makes it funny)

Anonymous said...

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