Saturday, May 17, 2008



I am feeling so much anger boiling, I tried to cry but I couldn't.


A&Eiraqi said...

So; it's true!!!!
I've been asking about it.
God #
الله يرحمه

Jeffrey said...


CMAR II posted the news last night at IBC. It was a shock, like Steven Vincent's murder a few years ago, who was not only a journalist but part of the Iraqi blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

what happened?

Anonymous said...

may he rest in peace. iraq has lost another smart intelligent good man forever. what a shameful loss.


Indigo-Daisy said...

I am so sorry....with the presidential race on, Iraq seems to be on the back burner here in the US. I continue to send my love and blessings to Iraq.
We are currently working with the IOM to get my husbands family out of Syria to the US. Hope it works and that they don't have to go back to Baghdad anytime soon. My nephew, bless his heart refuses to try and come, he is back in Baghdad determined not to let anyone remove him from his home.
Sending you love and prayers. ~Deborah

Don Cox said...

It is very sad - indeed, like the murder of Steven Vincent. Investigating organised crime is dangerous in any country, doubly so in Iraq.

onix said...

does this prove the desorganisation of irak is structural through usaid, or only some guy protecting a purse. What a waste. Annie asks for investigation, but i doubt anything but the usual outcome.
His contact had been threatened.
By whom?
I hope you find strength to solve the situation.

Anand said...

Abbas. I feal the same way. Can't believe he is gone.

His words were always a breath of fresh air.

And he was an "Arab" who loved Sudan! He didn't seem to have the usual chipped soldier, and wanted to serve his beloved Iraq.

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