Monday, May 19, 2008


After reading Angry Arab, I came to realize the bias of Saudi al-Arabiya, who I thought was fairly objective before. it's certainly more coy than the fire-and-brimstone traditional Arab-Muslim views of al-Jazeera, but just look at the front page: championing the weak Hariri with headlines such as "Progress being made in Doha in spite of setbacks," while waging a complete war against Hezbollah with the featured opinions: "This is why the Hezbollah coup failed," a simpler and more obvious inclination of their bias is the article about Saudi singer Mohammed Abduh's recent interview on the "Godfather" talk show, (for some reason, Abduh is called the "Artist of the Arabs" although I don't think he's really heard outside the Gulf much), in that interview, Mr. Abduh lambasted Iraqi Kadhum al-Sahir, another frequently cited "Artist of the Arabs" but possibly the most successful pan-Arab artist in recent decades. while al-Arabiya mentions this in its headline as the major controversy of the show, they pass in silence the real controversy which is all over other forums, in which the Saudi singer called the Prophet Muhammed a "Saudi." live on air.


Mayssam said...

"it's certainly more coy than the fire-and-brimstone traditional Arab-Muslim views of al-Jazeera,"

I agree totally. I noticed how biased Al-Arabiya is long ago , they don't even try to be subtle.
Have you seen, Abbas, the way they treat their iraqi guests? especially officials , really disgusting. Their journalists adopt different attitude to different people.
Al-Sharq Al-Awsat paper , which belongs to the same group , is even worse.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

...they pass in silence the real controversy which is all over other forums, in which the Saudi singer called the Prophet Muhammed a "Saudi." live on air.


Correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Muhammed predate "Saudi" Arabia by a number of centuries?

Anonymous said...

your argument and that of the angry arab are totally pathetic.
for starters qatar has diplomatic relations with Israel while saudi arabia doesn't.
and Al Jazeera has conveniently become the mouthpiece for Iran's mullahs.
As usual you and angry arab are too stupid to notice anything.

A&Eiraqi said...

Stupid Arbs!! Saudia Arabia has got no relationships with Israel.

I wounder whether I need to remind you of this or you need to check it yourself
"اني السلطان عبد العزيز بن عبد الرحمن الفيصل آل سعود... أقر و أعترف الف مرة لل(سير) بيرسي كوكس : لا مانع لدي من أعطاء فلسطين للمساكين اليهود أو غيرهم ممن تراه بريطانيا مناسباً و التي لا أحيد عن رأيها حتى تقوم الساعة"

Then I've got to remind you that the whole Israelian attack on Egypt in 1967 was agreed with the Sudian family before being done.

I'm not defending Qatar or Al-Jazeera and I'm not against Al-Jazeera or Al-Arabiya.

I do hate Mulla's of Iran but that doesn't mean being on the Zionists side.

onix said...

alJ is not a mouthpiece for the iran mullahs, that is a ridiculous way to see it. It's a mouthpiece for the anglophonic world already,
and it relates to proarab sentiments a lot, it's a great miracle how it functions to promote some peace and understanding still, however calling it a mouthpiece of mullas is a very antagonist statement.
It's rather so that it sympathises with the muslim world as a whole.
Annoyingly so sometimes, with their veils-acceptance policy.
Examples are a bias against non muslim south asian groups and nations and non religious nations like china and russia, as well as somewhat limited reporting of anti-muslim struggle in some parts of africa.
Al arabiya i don't know, it's a cynical thought they 'd be even more conservative not only in islamic but in political ways, reminds me of what i see behind SA riots. Bonds with ruling classes and western imperialist agression should not be so surprising by now anymore, this point can even be made against egypt itself in 1968.
ANd against almost every arab nation on one or more occasions. No need for nationalism, it's really only the ummah that does something more then mess things up.

Anonymous said...


AlJaz is a mouthpiece for islamist terrorists - be it the Sunni or Shia side -. This channel lives on pure populist, pan-Arabist propaganda: the kind of propaganda that draws its large audience and keeps them glued to this channel. They know exactly what their audience want and they keep feeding them that. There isn't an ounce of pbjectivity in their reporting, their editorial guideline is: keep feeding the masses what they want to hear.

In Algeria, they whitewashed the Salafists terrorists from their despicable massacres against the Algerian people. They even run a poll recently about the suicide bombings in Algiers (40 killed, 100s injured) to ask their audience if they supported these attacks (if that's not supporting terrorism, I don't know what is). In Iraq, they whitewash Al-Qaeda and its embrella organisations completely, with not a single hint of their bloody war against the Iraqi people. Lastly, their coverage of the secterian, Khomeinist Hezbollah's bloody takeover of Beirut, shutting down of TV stations and the use of its arsenal of weapons against the Lebanese is disgraceful to say the least.

The only constant in Al-Jaz TV coverage is this: feed their audience what they want, not cover the news in an objective and neutral manner.

annie said...

abbas, fyi Doha success: Among other things, a defeat for Saudi prestige

anon1 said...

a&e iraqi, anyone who repeats laughable and crude forgeries like you did can't be taken seriously. Why on earth would the British need Ibn Saud's permission to settle Jews in Palestine? Was he King of Palestine at the time? I don't know what's wrong with Arabs that they always skip any valid and legitimate criticism and automatically go for the dumb conspiracy theory.

There is no Arab media outlet that is more partial to the current Iraqi government than Al-Arabiya. Over the past 5 years it consistently ran ads by the Iraqi government, the Iraqi police, the pro-American Iraqi lists during the elections, they even had Ilham Madfa'i doing ads for the Iraqi government, so I don't really know what you're talking about.

Abbas, I thought you would be more intelligent than to jump on this bandwagon. So is Muhammad Abduh not allowed to give an opinion? Are we all obliged to like Kadhem Al-Sahir now? The guy doesn't enjoy listening to Kadhim el-Sahir; big F'n deal. Today you're sounding like one of those people who leave comments on who have to turn everything into a nationalist crusade. I don't see how "pan-Arab" success is a measure of anything, anyway. By your logic Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears are the greatest artists of all time because of their "broad international appeal." Nobody knew KS outside of Iraq before he started singinng those lame Fus7a lyrics, anyway (too bad, I used to like him in his عبرت الشط days when his songs actually sounded Iraqi).

As for him saying the Prophet was Saudi, he obviously meant he was from that country, i.e. Arabia, which today is (mostly part of) Saudi Arabia. So he wasn't terribly articulate about it, but I don't know what the big deal is. If Muhammad happened to be born in Iraq you bet Iraqis would be reminding everyone that he was "Iraqi" every day of the week. In fact I've heard Iraqis say that Muhammad was Iraqi because his ancestor Abraham was (of course) Iraqi.

Abbas Hawazin said...

yes, of course i understand what he meant to say, but al-Arabiya has a habit of sensational headlines that are sometimes highly exaggerated: Sunni kills Shia, etcetra, so why did they ignore this one? they waited until he apologized and then ran it.

as for KS, i don't really like him (fus7a is lame like u said), but i think he deserves that title more than Abduh.

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