Thursday, May 22, 2008

Universities in Iraq

You think the Sadrists are the only crazies in town? Dean of Badrist-controlled Baghdad University issues the following: "Female students are not to be allowed to wear provocative clothing in respect of the sanctity of the college campus." I don't really understand what he means by "provocative clothing," I've been searching for it all my college life, but most of the girls wear hijab and the rate has been increasing because of peer pressure and/or the security situation, the others who don't wear hjiab are modest by comparison to what girls wear, say, here, I guess "provocative clothing" can be made to fit any number of combinations, with the inevitable result of Jubbafication.
Aside from setting fashion trends, the Badrists in Baghdad University have also previously killed Isam al-Rawi, a moderate Sunni doctor there.

other universities in Iraq: al-Mustansiriya University is Sadrist controlled, (it opposes the Mustansiriyya public square which has been defiled by, ironically, an ugly Hakim tribute.) at one point they didn't allow mobile phones and enforced strict dress codes.

Technologia University and Nahrain University seem to be a little freer. I was once joking around with a cousin of mine, who attended al-Nahrain Medical University (in Kadhimiya), it's an old joke I caught from hanging out with the southern guys at the hostel. You rename your name in his mobile phone's contact list to any given holy character, sometimes Allah, Imam Ali, Saddam or Sa'adi Il Hilli and call him to watch the look on his face. So I changed my name to Imam Ali but unfortunately I forgot to call him, so my name was left as Imam Ali until the Sadrist guards at the university took one long, furious look at it (in some universities you have to relinquish your phone at the entrance, not ours thankfully,) amazingly, they didn't kill the poor bastard, the guy told them it was a prank by a Nasibi cousin, much to the fury of my aunt's Shi'i husband.

in other news, The Olympic Committee of Iraq has been disbanded.


Anonymous said...

Your Picture of Nusb Al-Huriyya is wrong. The picture you have is Nusb Al-Huriyya in Bab AL-Sharji in Downtown Baghdad.

Note: For some reason the terrorists of Al-Qaida have renamed the Mustanssirya Square to Al-Zarqawi Square. I don't know why

CMAR II said...

[Abbas] The Badrists in Baghdad University have also previously killed Isam al-Rawi, a moderate Sunni doctor there.

What makes you think it was "Badrists" that murdered this "prominent hardline" (according to the A.P. article you linked to) Sunni insurgent apologist?

According the same article, Rawi was a "a senior member of the influential Association of Muslim Scholars"; an organization that doesn't cause the term "moderate Sunni" to immediately leap to my mind. They have been unrepentant Al-Qaeda sympathizers even into late last year. They issued fatwas favoring the boycott of the elections and against Sunnis joining the Iraqi Army and police. We both agree on the misery that caused in Iraq, especially among the Sunni Arabs.

In 2006, Omar al-Jubori the head of the human rights office in the *Iraqi Islamic Party* accused them of being directly responsible for half of the deaths of Iraqi Sunni Arabs.

I'm not happy that he was murdered (whoever the murderers were), but do you have some ameliorating facts about him that cause you to memorialize him as you do?

Mayssam said...


But wasn't Isam Al-Rawi an islamist? A harliner actually.
I was surprised that you called him a moderate. Are you absolutly sure it was the Islamic council that killed him?

Leo Americanus said...

In looking at the link, the commentary says that the statement makes hijab mandatory, but I can't quite make out enough of the statement to tell whether it actually mandates hijab or if it just has the quote you provided about not wearing provocative clothing. Could you let us know if the statement actually says that hijab is mandatory? Thanks.

Abbas Hawazin said...

well, it says nothing about hijab, only prevention of provocative clothing, i translated what it said literally.

as for Isam al-Rawi, I think he was assassinated for interfering with the food poisoning case, I've heard that he was a moderate who tried to bring communities together, unlike people like Dhari and co.

Mayssam said...


Dr.Issam Al-Rawi was an Ikhwan muslimeen. As for food poisning case , I don't know much about that , may be you could tell me what you know , all i know is that i once had a crappy email talking about that assassination and that the reason was that Dr.Alrawi tried to expose an official linked to a food poisening that effected 250 female students .
The way Al-Rawi was painted in that email didn't give me the impression that he was a person trying to get people closer together , also the secterian nature of the email and its foul language made me doubt the story.
That is all i know.
What did Dr. Al-Rawi teach?

Anonymous said...

Mithil bool il be3eer!

Bruno said...

Nice fellows, the Badrists. The Americans couldn't have set up the death squads without them. Notice how CMAR runs to defend them.

Interesting, also, the way that focus is maintained on the Sadr movement as repressive towards women (which can't be denied) but almost ZERO focus is directed towards the Badr people which are worse, if anything. Your post, Abbas, is the first I have read on this in a while. The reason is simple. SCIRI and its military wing work with the Occupier.

Anonymous said...

They have been unrepentant Al-Qaeda sympathizers even into late last year.

i guess cmar didn't bother w/your links..

Friends may be interested to know that Dr Al-Rawi was murdered days after he appeared on Al-Jazeera, severely and courageously criticising the Al-Qaida decision to declare their emirate in parts of Iraq. Whoever murdered him was targeting Iraqi unity, and it is important not to be rash with unsubstantiated accusations.

Iraqi intellectuals are being killed on the daily base and nobody is saying a word. There is no investigation.

A week before Al-Rawi, Dr Saad Shlash, a professor in journalism, was killed along with his wife in their home in Baghdad. He was the director of the editing board of Rayat Al Arab newspaper issued by the Arab Nationalists.

By the way 20 media men and women were killed in Iraq in the last three weeks!!

What makes you think it was "Badrists" that murdered this "prominent hardline"

Monday morning, while leaving his house, a white four wheel drive vehicle blocked his car, then began shooting him. The vehicle, a Land Cruiser 2004, is almost always used by the high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Interior and this vehicle is the “trade mark” of the Shiite death squads backed by some high-ranking officers and officials inside the ministry.

follow the links. sheesh.

I was surprised that you called him a moderate.

follow the links

· They killed the most moderate voice of the Association of Muslim Scholars;

· they killed a leading Sunni personality who used to visit and talk with the Shiite clerics;

· and they killed the professor who led the organisation that used to defend the professors; thus the message is clear: the whole profs are an open target.

surprised? i'm so shocked.


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