Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jordan Pardons Staying Fines of Iraqis

Something's going on.

the Jordanian street is today boiling after the lifting the subsidiaries off the economy, which sent prices to the roof ; meanwhile, after ranting about the cost of Iraqi refugees here, the Jordanian government has supposedly forgiven the cumbersome 1.5 JD a day fines from 360 thousand "illegally staying" Iraqis, this was presumably done at the request of Vice president Tariq al-Hashimi (I caught myself before adding the S-word before his excellency's name) who said this move would encourage Iraqis to return home due to the improved security conditions currently in Iraq. I'm still skeptical about this, as I've heard it many times before, but let's see.
One wonders if many Iraqis are actually going to return, I don't really think the ones who will return will do so out of the improved security conditions, which I believe is propagandist, but out of desperation ; there are many Iraqis here who have accomplished nothing and are living on their savings, on the other hand, there are many rich ones who are well-off. In any case, the one thing that I know is fore sure is that the Jordanian security officials have been doing raids on Iraqis recently.

Younis, a friend of a friend, is an Iraqi in his 20s who came here seeking to 'make something for himself', however, he cannot even afford to rent a room, so he sleeps in a shop where he works, the manager of that shop pays him about 200$ a month for 16 hours work, 4 of which is outside Amman, one day he was walking and then he got apprehended by the police, who held him in prison for more than a week, Younis's S-passport is expired and even his UNHCR registration card was expired as well, and his Jordanian boss refused to have anything to do with it, citing his reluctance to interfere given that he is employing an illegal alien without a work permit ; he even prevented a Jordanian co-worker from going there to bail him, ordering him to do it when he's not working, in the end, Younis's brother managed to find a friend who is an associate of the governor, who negotiated his release, Younis went to renew his passport and then he went to UNHCR, who offered him the free services of a lawyer as he is now required to go now for an interrogation. On top of all that, the governor's friend wants 2,200 JD (3100$) for his trouble. His brother had to borrow some money to pay him off.
Today, Jamal, another Iraqi co-worker in the shop, was almost arrested by the Jordanian security had he not been warned by the nearby barber that they are searching the area, he quickly exchanged places with a Jordanian customer, the police came in and thoroughly searched the shop and the back-rooms, perhaps acting on a tip?
A female acquaintance of mine was also recently fired from her work, she said that her company told her that the Jordanian security are searching for Iraqis without work permits rather excessively those days.

On a related note, Last of Iraqis is rejected at the borders again, naturally, he is pissed, he was rejected once before, so this didn't come as a surprise to me. My cousin was also rejected twice, they aren't impressed with insistence.

Also Today, Imad Mughniya, a scary Hezbollah muthuh, was assassinated - rather suspiciously, in Damascus! That guy looked sneaky AND good-looking, he would've made a sweet movie villain. Reactions in the Middle East were based basically on your sectarian affiliation.


BlogIraqi said...

Just a note that no one seem to be mentioning;
ANY IRAQI CAN leave Jordan without paying the fines and will be banned from entering Jordan for 5 years. This law has been on for more than 10 years.
if people find Iraq soooooooo "quiet" and think they can live there "peacefully", they CAN leave Jordan without paying the fines.

Mayssam said...

Abbas ,

The improved security conditions is not propgandist ( may be half) , security situation did improve in many areas of Baghdad.
I have been hearing from friends and colleagues who live in Adhamiya that the situation there is alot better.

Abbas Hawazin said...

it is better, but not enough to warrant a reverse-exodus.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Regarding the last post on the new blog look, Abbas, personally I prefer a softer background then either black or white. Both are rather monochrome.

Mohammed was rejected again, huh? I haven't had time to check all the blogs lately. That's too bad.

At least Anarki had good news. :) Hope it works out for him.

I don't know that I would call the touting of the new relative stability propagandist or wishful thinking that things are headed back to a more normal state of affairs. I think people are really desparate for some permanent good news. In any case, I think it will take a long time for things to improve a great deal. People have too long of memories, especially in the ME.

Unfortunately, the treatment of Iraqis in Jordan probably shouldn't come as a surprise. It's very difficult for anyone, anywhere, to accept a large influx of people in a finite area. Really, the best hope for Iraqis is for Iraq to stabilize. You may blame Iraq's problems on extreme religion, but I think it is more the inclination of extremism of any sort that seems to permeate the region. After all, Saddam wasn't very religious, but he certainly was extreme in his actions.

Anonymous said...

sectarianismmis not the only window to view events in the middleast. arabism is still a strong identity and the arab israeli struggle is the defining and focal conflict to many. i may be a sunni iraqi, but hizbullah, nasrallah and mugheniyeh are heroes of the first calibre in my book.

Jeffrey said...


Hey, the longer you stay outside Iraq the more likely it is that you'll be viewed as just another Chalabi when you return. Isn't it time for a flag-waving Iraqi patriot like yourself to leave Jordan and return home?

Caesar and Shaggy are going about their lives just fine in Baghdad. Don't you want to teach Shaggy some of those Western guitar chords that you're trying to forget?

Heh heh.


BlogIraqi said...

I was just talking on the phone with my brother in Jordan, he said that the official Jordanian TV announced that they are waiving only %50 of the fine for each person, not the whole thing.
Maybe you should check that up "Abbas".

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