Thursday, March 06, 2008

ME Leaders Pastime

Hazrat Feetarchi Nijad didn't visit Najaf and Kerbala, which was rather odd as he's ultra-conservative, there have been speculations as to why. However, Nijad did the next best thing, he visited al-Kadhumiya shrines in Baghdad (two Shi'i Imams there, but not as important as Kerbala or Najaf), here's footage from SIIC's al-Furat TV. (why is he folding hands, Sunni-style?)
Here's also Nijad in a heated Iranian Shi'i flagellation latmiya ritual, he cries at the end of the rave.
By comparison, here's Saudi Riyadh governor Prince Sulman Bin Abdulaziz's dance with George Bush during the latter's ME visit, one of the most appallingly stupid things I've ever seen. You really gotta love Saudi Arabia's masquerade as the leader of "moderate" Arabs and Islam when they kiss ass so affectionately.
This is why Shi'i leaders like Hasan Nasrallah and Ahmadinijad are gaining ground in the Middle East, in spite of the intensified sectarian campaign spearheaded by Saudi Arabia , the US's best Arab puppy in the region since the beginning of it all, and even though the campaign is working anyway because, like I said before, the intentions of Shi'is aren't exactly friendly and hostility defines the relationship, much to the delight of Shaytan Bozorg herself and her puppies, who are using the Shi'i threat to rally support for their unpopular regimes in the same manner they are doing that with the Danish cartoons.
In spite of all this, Nasrallah probably still remains the most respected leader in the Middle East.


CMAR II said...

In spite of all this, Nasrallah probably still remains the most respected leader in the Middle East.

Well, lets face it. No matter what else you have done, you can rally support in the M.E. by shaking your fist at the Jooz.

Abbas Hawazin said...

Well, it's not just that, Nasrallah was the only person who achieved anything [2000 withdrawal, and to a lesser degree the 2006 war]

Of course, not to mention his own personal charisma ; something most International leaders lack.

Anonymous said...

Very few in the USA have heard of Mr. Nasrallah.
Who is he?

nadia n said...

Anon Nasrallah Sfeir is the Lebanese patron Saint of hats.

Bruno said...

"Very few in the USA have heard of Mr. Nasrallah. Who is he?"

He's the guy that stomped the Israelis when they invaded Lebanon in 2006. The leader of Hezbollah, in other words.

Caesar of Pentra said...

ها يا زلمة! شلونك؟ لك فاتتك المناقشة مال ويزي. البارحة ناقش و حصل على تقدير جيد مع اجراء بعض التعديلات. و على كولة مقديد اريد اتخرج من الماستر حتى لو بتقدير (امشي اطلع بره) . ههههه

Anonymous said...

give me saudi arabia anytime over these lunatics shiites shitheads

Anonymous said...

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Big IT Trainings said...

After 1991, Saddam Hussein, always looking for some sort of legitimacy from religious Shi'i theocracy, forced the marj'a Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei, whom he favored over Sistani because the latter was Iranian and the former was of Turkish origins, to be present in television conferences, but that wasn't enough. So the Ba'ath tolerated and probably encouraged the rise of Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr (a cousin of Baqir Sadr, Muqtada's father, and commonly referred to as the Second Sadr), the Ba'ath sought to placate the Shia and to present him as an alternative to the aloof religious leadership in Najaf, led by Sistani after al-Khoei's death in 1992, the Ba'ath expected Sadr II to be less hostile to the regime, but apparently, that didn't materalize, Sadr II emerged as a voice of ShiaSalesforce Admin Online Training within Iraq, reconnecting the Shia clergy, which usually abstained from meddling in politics too much, with the rural areas of southern Iraq, Sadr II the involvement of the clergy in politics further ; he held Friday prayers in Kufa, which, in Shi'i customs, can only be held in the presence of the Rightful Imam (Mahdi himself, or, under the Iranian Vilayet-Faqih, Madhi's deputy -Khomeini or Khamenei-), Sadr II built a network of civil services that replaced the neglect of the Ba'ath central government during the years of sanction, and he angrily lashed out against the USA and Israel, while also adopting an indirect confrontation with the Ba'ath, refusing to bestow legitimacy to its rule in exchange for religious freedom, all this was cut short when Sadr II was killed by unknown gunmen in 1999, probably ordered by Saddam Hussein who never tolerated any rising political power.

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