Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nijad In Baghdad

"How interesting that Ahmadinejad, unlike a U.S. president who has to be airlifted unannounced into ultra-secure bases, was able to convoy in from the airport in broad daylight on a road that U.S. dignitaries fear to travel."

I have received messages saying that Baghdad was suspiciously quiet the day Ahmadinijad was there, does anyone have links to confirm?

Iraqi reactions to the visit were as predictable ; outcry and demonstrations in the Sunni provinces alone, Sunni MP Salih al-Mutlaq claimed that the Shia could not do the same because of the Turbaned Snakes parties, yeah, right. A fairly good amount of Shi'i writers have praised the visit on the net, which I suppose is more like it.

This symbolic visit is indeed historic, also, Ahmedinijad is the first president to visit Baghdad since 2003, a move no Arab leader to date has carried out.

Okay, now I ask you, could this be any more sectarian?

Image Source: Pro-Baathist


Iraqi Mojo said...

How could what be any more sectarian? The historic visit?

Jeffrey said...


I think Abbas is suggesting here that the refusal of the other Sunni-majority Arab countries to recongize Iraq because it is a Shia-majority country is very sectarian on the part of the "Arab brotherhood" countries, right Abbas? Or it this a misinterpretation of the intent of this blog entry?



Abbas Hawazin said...

both sides.

CMAR II said...

I'm not sure that the reason other Arab leaders are not coming to Iraq has anything to do with sect. It seems to me that its because they are all dictatorships, and they don't wish to bless the only Arab democracy. So much for Pan-Arab brotherhood.

Did you see IraqPundit's take on A.J's visit?

Indeed, the Arabic report says that Ali Sistani refused to receive Ahmadinejad, which might be a reason the Iranian president chose not to go these sites. After all, it would look strange for him to visit the holy sites and not pass by Sistani's home. Sistani's position has been that he does not meet with heads of state...Another reason might be security. There are reports that the U.S. military did not protect Ahmadinejad during his stay in Baghdad.

Caesar of Pentra said...

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Mayssam said...

What is all the fuss about that visit? Am sure top officials of any Arab BROTHER country would have a better reception and security measures in case they ever decided to visit Iraq.
what is the big deal ?
Can't arab cartoonists be more original and creative? Have they run out of ideas?