Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Metamorphsis

and hereby, the transformation is complete.


Jeffrey said...


As a guitarist myself, I have a couple questions. What's the name of the instrument? How many strings? And what's the tuning sequence. On a guitar, for example, the standard tuning is E-A-D-G-B-E.

Thanks for your answers in advance.


Jeffrey said...

Oh yeah, judging by the tuning pegs, it looks like a ten-stringed instrument, but the photo is kind of grainy, so I'm not sure.


lelly said...

Its an Ud isn't it. Meh.I prefer the sexy black guitar for sure.
Each to their own.

BlogIraqi said...

Good transformation Abbas. If I knew you are into getting a 3ood, I would have tried to send you my father's. It was made in 1959 by "Fadhil Al-Awad", the best 3ood maker in Baghdad ever.
Have you been training?
You should listen more to , especially the one he made about Al-Amirya Shelter, its truly unbelievable.

BlogIraqi said...

Sorry for the last comment got mixed up with the code:
You should listen more to , ,especially the one he made about Al-Amirya Shelter, its truly unbelievable.

Iraqi Mojo said...

nice 3ude dude:)

Abbas Hawazin said...


i have listened to it and although it's enjoyable it starts to get a little too pretentious after repeated listens, i prefer other tracks of his, especially "Qissat 7ubb Sharqiya"

anon1 said...

There are different tunings but I think the most common is EADCE. It's actually 5 *couples* of strings (each couple is identical; so it's not like a 12-string guitar). Some people add a 6th couple, and I think the lowest string can come alone sometimes.

Good luck with the 'Ud, Abbas.

BlogIraqi said...

"Qissat 7ubb Sharqiya" is a very nice one as well. I think it was made as a part of the soundtrack of a play. I think it was called "7ub fi al-zaman al-mu3asir", by Falah Shakir. I remember Suhair Ayad and Jawad Al-Shakarchi being the lead actors.
Anyway, you might want to listen to the guy who tutored Shamma in the first place, Muneer Basheer.

Don Cox said...

That's beautiful. The pairs of strings on an Oud (or lute in English) are called courses. That appears to be a five course lute. In Europe, the lute pretty well went out of use in the 18C, to be replaced by the harpsichord. There is a lot of great European lute music - I guess the instrument reached Europe via Spain. Particularly good is that by John Dowland, from around 400 years ago (there are superb recordings of Dowland by Nigel North). How about a list of recommended Iraqi Oud/Lute music?

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