Sunday, March 09, 2008

Re: Wafa Sultan

I attended the Friday prayer two days ago. The Palestinian preacher changed my mind about Wafa Sultan, I think the maniacs balance each other out.

"And my God annihilate the Jews, your enemies and the enemies of religion, and by God, make them righteous [slaves?] farms for the Muslims, my God widow their women, My God, make us victorious over the crusading, infidel America, and the crusading, cunning Britain! and may PEACE be upon the Prophet, arise for the prayer, may God BLESS you...."


Muhannad said...

Seems to me what this guy said is much worse than what Wafa Sultan said. Sultan did not call for God to annihilate the Muslims, to widow their women.

That's just sick and stupid, to preach this hatred in a mosque.

Anand said...

Don't want to hurt you fealings, in case you like the old preacher.

But this preacher has got issues.

Muhannad said...

Obviously Abbas dislikes the preacher, at least as much as he dislikes Wafa Sultan.

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Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Well, I am deeply offended! Why do the Brits get to be "cunning" and we only get to be "infidels"? Hmmmm? It's discrimination, that's what!

Yup, I agree, this guy is a wacko.

Btw, Abbas, have you been playing with your template again? The title "Catharsis" and picture show up on the left of my screen and all of the posts show up squished over on the right side.

Oh, and I think Roosevelt was right, too.

CMAR II said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CMAR II said...

[lynnette] Why do the Brits get to be "cunning" and we only get to be "infidels"?

Probably because of our bad ranking in math. Not to fear, though. We're still the Great Satan. No one will ever steal our greatness.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

cmar ii,

lol! Oh, thank God! At least we have that! And maybe if we try to attract more Asian immigrants we can work on that math thing. :D


Since you keep bringing up Wafa I had to look her up. I had read a little about her before, but I wanted to refresh my memory.

I have to say she does sound like a determined woman.

You know, I rather think Roosevelt might have liked her.

CMAR II said...


Check out this article by Michael Totten on Nasralla and Co.:

Slowly, the audience began filing out before Nasrallah was finished. He wasn’t so much a blowhard as a bore. Even his “base,” at least the female half of it, didn’t think he was worth sticking around for.

Soon the hall was almost half empty. Maybe Nasrallah realized he had to get to the point. Perhaps it was scripted this way. Either way, he suddenly started to scream.

Israel this!

Israel that!

fahad said...

الدليل الشامل للمدونات العربية

سياسة - اقتصاد - تقافة - شعر - رياضة - دين - فن و أدب والمزيد

CMAR II said...


I can't believe I forgot to bring this up before. What do you think of Iraqi Atheist?

Mayssam said...

Abbas ,

I can't believe this is the first time you hear such an ending to a friday sermon? Its common everywhere , i kept hearing it for many years from the 8 speakers of the local mosque every friday . I heard much worse.
I only listened to Wafa Sultan speaking once at Aljazeera ( found it on youtube) and found nothing wrong with what she said , she didn't sound like a maniac to me at all , but even if she was i think its time to have more "maniacs" like her speaking out their mind, we have thousands (if not millions) of the like of that preacher so i see nothing wrong or offensive with having one Wafaa Sultan.

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