Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Abu Jasim!!!

Yesterday, Mohammed ibn Abdillah, salla allahu 'alayhi wa salam, the prophet of the Muslim faith, turned, wait, 1438 years, my mother made a cake for him, a chocolate and caramel cake with strawberries, I don't think she could fit 1438 candles on it, anyway, my parents, in a rare ceremonial move, decided to hold a "festival" in this anniversary yesterday, in which each family member is required to prepare an anecdote about the prophet. The cheery family sat down at tea-time like some cheesy scene from those Islamic Educational TV series nobody watches, my father talked about something, my mother talked about something else, my sister talked about the Danish Cartoons Controversy, and my 14-year-old Metallica-freak brother talked about something he didn't understand, while I hung out and played pool, chess and checked out some babes, I also decided to try out the Bluetooth-style pick-up technique at City Mall, all I got was a dozen guys and a lone woman called "Um Mazin", I sent a Divorce SMS to Um Mazin انت طالق ثلاثا and that's it.

ولد الهدى فالكائنات ضياء و فم الزمان تبسمُ وثناء

Happy Birthday, Abu Jasim!
My 2006 post about this occasion, it also has some history about my stint as the lead singer of an Islamic boyband that tours mosques when I was 12, it's funny, wil nabi.


BlogIraqi said...

Don't you find it a little disrespecting to write about the prophet in such a sarcastic way?

Abbas Hawazin said...

i'm sorry, but i find mawlid such an absurd, funny idea, why is celebrating your birthday bid3a but celebrating mawlid is top glob? anyway, you know it's not my fault it's shaytan la3a2in allah 3aleeh, ani khosh walad wu 7atta jigayir ma 2shrab.

anon1 said...

The same people who consider birthdays "bid3a" (your oft-mentioned "Wahhabis") also consider the Mawlid a bid3a, Abbas.

BlogIraqi said...

anon1 is right. The Wahabis consider the mawlid bid3a as well.

anon2 said...

it seems that Binkerishan's furtive campaign was fruitful, here is another stealthy aversion to the prophet thru one of his "followers"! and agree with anon1

Abbas Hawazin said...


while I do read Ben Kerishan, and even though I am not as a Muslim as I used to be, I'm still one, and even though Kerishan played a great part in instilling streams of thoughts, but my suspicion with religion has started since my last days in Iraq.
I will write about my relationship with God in Arabic sometime in the future.
By the way, my 2006 post is also sarcastic in a way.

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